Friday, June 19, 2009

go the extra mile

I am in a contest that Jinxx is doing and I have been weighing in twice a week. Once on Monday night ( my officall WW WI ) and then on another scale for Jinxx's contest on Friday. Ok, I know that it isn't the same scale, and that I am wearing "heavier " clothes then usual, but I was 2.5 lbs higher then Monday's weight. .5 lbs lower then my weight from last Friday. I am not really freaked out, just makes me want to do my best over the weekend. Drink lots of water. I kind of had a bad day yesterday. Ate out twice yesterday, made good choices, but still. Plus a 6" subway the night before. Oh and I went back to the dang yogurt shop last night. I was in some kind of a yogurt frenzy. I had to try the peanut butter cup kind. It was good, but come on 2 nights in a row. I haven't binged, but I haven't eaten as clean the last couple of days. I don't have to be perfect. I don't have to be perfect! I have to remind myself. I was back at my 3 mile walk this morning, felt better this morning then yesterday.

I am going food shopping today or tomorrow morning, depending on how I feel. I was up before the buttcrack of dawn. 2:30 AM ......could not get back to sleep. I did go to bed pretty early last night. I felt exhausted.

Anyway, I am going to try making some of the wraps that TJ has been making and posting. Her food always looks so good. Her nachos from this morning's post look DAMN GOOD! I am going to actually check out some new things to make and then buy the food to make it. An interesting concept......seems to really work though..... I really need to start cooking more. ok.....I am thinking about food too much this morning! lol.

Nothing planned for the weekend really. Maybe that new Sandra Bullock movie. It looks like it might be cute. I am going to walk the extra mile tomorrow too!

go the extra mile


  1. Home cooked food is always healthier than store-bought food! You go, girl!

    And enjoy the weekend!

  2. I need to go food shopping, too. Now that my fridge is fixed, I can get the fresh fruit and veggies. Maybe tomorrow at the Farmers' Market!

  3. Your doing fine girl! Don't you dare get down on yourself! Just keep making more good choices than bad......try to plan a head....and yes cooking at home would probably be better....depending on what you cook??? LOL! Jinx!

  4. lay it on me:
    did you see the proposal?
    I opted for Year One and LOVED IT.

    (yeah I know, not fitness related at all :))



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