Monday, June 29, 2009

Just do it

Had a great weekend. Spent the entire Saturday afternoon in the cool movie theatre. I saw Away We was a quite, funny, thoughtful film. The 2 actors that played the couple in search of where to raise their unborn baby did a great job. Then I went to see Taking of Pelham 123. Totally different movie. Loud, lots of swearing and shooting and explosions. I liked it too. I mean seriously, who doesn't like a good explosion every now and then. Then I went was so stinkin hot it was like taking a bath, but it was nice visiting with my friend while we swam. Sunday I went out to my daughter's early got the kids up, bathed them, got them dressed and we all fixed breakfast. There is nothing cuter then watching little kids try to crack an egg......pure entertainment! I love doing that for my daughter and son in law, they both got to sleep in. I really enjoyed church this week too, not that I don't every

Weekend was really good food and exercise wise. Tonight is weigh in at WW. I feel lighter this week, so we'll see. If I can't just put a small dent in recovering the 3,9 lbs I gained last week I will be happy. My head has most definently been in the game this week. I think last week's problem was alot hormones, FOR SURE. I am learning that the bad times don't last forever, and neither do the good. Everything cycles back around. The trick is to ride out the bad times as best as you can. Try not to do any more damage then you have

I am suppose to have the week off, but I have things to do, so I am just going to be here part time to get some things done. I am planning a trip to the dinosaur museum, and the IMAX with the grandsons this week, and then a sleep over with GeGe. They love it, and I love to do it. Then I am going to go out to my friend's who lost her son last week and we are going to do something fun...a movie or something. She said she needs a haha....a good laugh! I am just the woman for the job. At the very least she can laugh AT

I am hating this sweaty heat! I am getting up and out the door to walk before 5 am, cause once the sun is up it is just too damn hot! After it's over I am so glad I choose to get my ass up and just do it!!

Just do it.......keep the mood and food real....MAKE it a great day. Only you can do it!


  1. Happy Monday, Dana. Make it a great week. Hope your WI goes as you wish.

  2. You sound great - happy, and all.
    Good plan to beat the sun...just DID it!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend...and can I say how sweet you are to spend so much quality time with your grandkids? You are a very giving person!

  4. you had a great weekend and some fun plans for this week! You rock the getting up early to walk- wow! Great that you beat the heat, but I like to sleep a lil later than that. lol :) Good job!

  5. Even with that awful heat you managed to have a great weekend. Heat and hormones - what a troubling combo that is! I'm going through the humidity and hormones episode and it is not pretty. The humidity always makes me feel like I'm being smothered by a wet blanket. Bleh! Thank God for a/c!

  6. Way to go with getting up and out early to do your walk! Perserverence will see you to the end of your weight loss journey!

  7. wow sounds like your weekend was well awesome! That's always great to hear.

    *fingers crossed* for weigh in. I know you can do it.

    I CAN DO IT :D


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