Tuesday, June 9, 2009

watermelons for dummies

Someone tell me how to pick a good watermelon. It's like throw $5 down the crapper every time I buy one. I love watermelon, so I keep going back,,,,again and agian. Doing the same thing expecting a differant result. Sound like any other kind of addictive behavior???

So help me out.....I have never been a produce picker outer. Too much fast food. So enlighten me one and all.

I had to go back out and sit with the kids. The youngest fell backwards and hit her head and got a nosebleed. She had to go to the ER to get a CT scan to rule out a skull fractor. All is well...though they did find out the reason for her runny nose. sinus infection. So she got some meds for that. So it wasn't really time wasted.

I had a good day today. I walked this morning 3.5 mile and ate very well all day. Need to up the water. I have not thought about a binge. I guess I am still on a "I feel lighter high". I am going to ride it for as long as it lasts. I have got some clean food, and plan on eating that for the rest of the week. Since I am broke I don't have a choice. There...that's the anti-sabatog plan. The "I am a broke ass" 7 day diet plan...lol.

Life is fragile. Your world could change in an instant. I tell myself that when I am feeling bad...and when I am feeling good.


  1. I love that broke as feeling! It's one way to keep from eating. We are experiencing that now--it's called $75 until payday blues. At least DH can walk to work and I can walk to the store. Not that we have any money--ha!

    I pick watermelons by feel--I like ones that feel heavy and not light which I associate with being pithy. I also smell the end where the stem would have been. Sometimes you get a watermelon smell--those are the best, but it is not as dependable as smelling a cantalope. I never learned what thumping one means, sorry. I also go for dark green rinds and not lighter colored ones.

    Glad to hear granddaughter is okay. It can be so scary when they hit their heads.

  2. I wish I could pick good avocados - so often they are brown inside or too hard. Sorry no help on the watermelon selecting!

    Glad your GD was OK - lucky about the sinus infection though!

    I have been known to do the Freezer Diet on poor months - a bit of a challenge but doable, especially as I seem to have a lot of frozen veggies in there!

  3. Hmmm well i have two ways for you. I was taught by my grandparents who said to make sure that spot where they sit on the ground is yellowish and not whitish and the part where they connect to the vine is brown. Now my hubby is a thumper. I have no idea what he's listening for but apparently he does. LOL! Now we've both picked good one and bad ones about 50/50. I'm very curious to see some of the answers you get here.
    I'm so glad your granddaughter is okay. Thats scary.
    I can count my blessings i have not had to worry about being broke for a while. But i've been there. Sometimes when the kids were little if we ran out of milk in the middle of the week there was no money to get more. I imagine it would be a good diet plan. lol!
    You forget McButter you have been there for me too these last 15weeks!I only wish i had been losing like you instead of remaining status quo. But at least i have not put any back on and i seem to be holding my own.I'm afraid i've reached a point where i dont see myself exercising any more than i'am nor cutting my calories any more than i have and this is where it got me so here i will sit. I had hoped for about 20 pounds less Maybe one day i'll feel up to cutting my calories below 1500 but right now i just do not see that happening. Your doing great McButter! Glad you like the frogs. And yes cutting them out was a BEAR! LOL! Next time i know to buy thin foam. Jinx!

  4. So glad all ended up ok.
    Life is so so very fragile and too too short IMO to fret about how we look in a bathingsuit and not live.

    yesterday I had to heimlich my Toddler (!)

    totally a reminder of what you posted about as well.


  5. When ya thump the watermelon you want it to "bounce back" at ya ( the sound that is). I can't explain it ~ not really like a hollow sound, but the sound bounces back at ya! LOL

    I understand what you mean about not having the money to support an old habit! LOL When I buy groceries I take into consideration all the kids snacks, three meals a day for each of us, and well... when ya buy for 5 people, it doesn't leave much to play with. WE had been eating too much junk / fast food / quick fix meals, that it is nice that I am home for the summer to cook wholesome and complete meals!

  6. I hear ya on the watermelons...it's totally hit or miss for me so obviously I have no good advice!

    Scary moment with your granddaughter - I'm glad to hear she's fine!

  7. I have just started buying mini melons because a big one is too much for me. I just grab it if it feels heavy then it's full. It's too light I put it back.
    Also I knock on it...if it echos not good.
    I ain't no expert just saying what has worked for me.

    Happy to hear your granddaughter is ok!

  8. Cut 'em open and taste them; buy the one that tastes the best.

    Oh, and don't let the produce guy see you doing it. He gets so p*ssed off for some reason.

  9. I just buy the half watermelons so I can get a look at what it looks like. Also, it's much easier for me to cut without slicing off a finger or two.

    Glad your little one is on the mend and hope she's better soon.

  10. Ok...the ladies I walk with told me this morning that if you buy one at Safeways they will cut it open for you right there and you can taste it.....I thought that was some good info.

    thanks for all the advice. My peeps are the best!

  11. When I am broke, it seems like all I have is JUNK in the house to last until payday and I use that as my excuse to eat junk (since there is nothing else). So, yay for having healthy stuff in the house! you are going to have a great week!

  12. Great job getting the exercise in. Water is very important. I know what you mean by feeling lighter. It feels great doesn't it! If you are interested in a diet with a budget, I have a good idea for you, email me at gould119@hotmail.com and I will explain more.


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