Wednesday, June 24, 2009

what's your reason

Well I have been doing well. getting my head on staright. Eating good for me foods. Drinking the H20. Walked 3 miles this morning. We do it in about 50 mins. I don't know if that's good or not, but I felt like we were clipping along. My arch is still killing, but feels better after I walk. So I walk. Food intake as been good, maybe a little bit of overeating, but nothing near what it was last week. So good for me!

I must remember that I didn't do this for the what the scale says. I started this thing because I wanted to FEEL better. I think that is the key to a positive attitude . I have never set a goal weight. Or size for that matter, ok I'd like to be a 12, but that isn't set in stone. What is set in stone is this...........I want to be around for a while.

One of my dear friends lost her son this week. He was extremely overweight, a diabetic, on dialysis for a few years, had wounds on his enormous legs that really never seemed to heal. Such a great guy. He was just 2 years older then me, so he must have been like 52. I will miss him. We went to Alaska, Hawaii and Mexico together. I am considered part of their family, and I consider that an honor. It breaks my heart. It scares me too. My health is so important. I take mine for granted sometimes, but I am never not grateful for it. Cause I did alot of damage to body. You can't smoke meth for 10 years and not expect some physical consequences. So far, I have been blessed. Why have I been blessed with some willingness to try to take care of the body I have? Why couldn't he have made those changes that would have lead to a longer life? Why me and not him? I have to remember that "why" doesn't matter. Just be grateful, and do the work.

So today I am grateful also for willingness...willingness to make some small consistant changes that lead to habits....good habits!

I am also grateful for my a mother and father that would never co-sign my shit, and made me do for myself. Long story for another time. Thanks Mom and ya and miss ya

What's your reason, your real reason to loose the weight?

keep the mood and food real

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  1. *meth addict for 10 yrs* ~~ shit, I had no idea. that's hard to beat ~~ congratulations is even a big enough word for that one.

    to get rid of word verification click on customize at the top right of the blue blogger banner. then click on settings on the top left.
    then click on comments and down at the bottom it'll say "show word verification for comments?" and tada!!!! you can turn it off there.
    word verification drives me nuts. I've never had a problem with not having it on mine.

    love the line "keep the mood & food real"
    excellent & succint

  2. You have overcome an awful lot in your life and are moving in such a positive direction. I'm so sorry about your friend's son. It's so tragic. My Dad, on the other hand, smoked 4 packs of cigs for 40 years, now has emphysema and diabetes but will turn 80 in another week. Go figure. Know just what you mean about being grateful for all the good things.

  3. My reason for losing weight, definitely health. Oh and i lost a close cousin to a heroin overdose ! You have come so far!! And I'm so very proud of you :)

  4. I love your attitude! You are really pushin forward and I love it! When I can walk I do 3 miles in 50 min just like you and I think Im walking fast- but Im not a pro. lol :) I also LOVE your "keep the mood and food real" saying!


  5. My reasons are health, too. My mother died due to diabetes, and I was diagnosed with heart issues last year.

    I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.

  6. wow - another inspiring post. May you be around -- not just around, but healthy and happy and thriving -- for a very long (skinny) time!

  7. I am doing this because I'm tired of my ass sitting around and just complaining, so this time I wanna go for it and do something for myself. Nothing too inspirational, but hopefully this time I can stick to it :> and so far so good.

  8. You are such an inspiration and good example to so many (like me) with your success in both this weight loss journey and in overcoming other addictions (and I echo Karen - WOW). I'm sorry about your friend, but can appreciate your reluctance to begin down the "why" road.

  9. My reason is health related and the fact that I hit the dreaded 315 lbs. The Insulin, CPAP machine and 5 pills pushed me over the edge and I realized I HAD to something or I could die. I have even had people tell me that they thought I was going to die soon if I kept gaining. Very eye opening to say the last. Thank you for being so honest and sharing with us. You will WIN this fight just like you kicked the meth!

  10. Thank you for reminding me how important willingness is. I need to remember that for the last 19mos I have been willing. That is how I lost 50 lbs and have kept it off. Even though I still get so discouraged by my failures--I need to remember that being willing to continue is a big success! You are awesome!! Thank you for blessing me today.

  11. I love your attitude too. Wow to you not making a goal weight or anything. I think sometimes thats where I focus to much attention. I feel so much healthier than I did when started this journey and should not lose focus of that despite what the scale says.

    Thanks for reminding me about that.

  12. Sorry to hear about your friend and your loss. Such a tragedy.

    My Mom died at age 56 of a heart attack...that's why I'm doing this. I want to be around to see my children grow up and have children of their own.

    Great Post.

  13. My reason.....Girl there is so much i want to see and do in this life. So i need to live a long and healthy life so i can do it all. I'm 42 and i need to still be able to move around and do things when i'm 60 or i'll never get thru this bucket list! And liking what i see when i look in the mirror? Priceless.JInx!

  14. whoops ! Almost forget....don't YOU forget to weigh in for the froggie contest friday! JInx!

  15. Great post.

    I'm in it for health, too.

    Don't ask why. What is, is.

    I'm very proud of you, what all you have overcome, and where you are now and where you're going!!!

  16. Great post - love your honesty. I'm in it for my health first, but as I get smaller, the clothing victories are fun, I have to admit!


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