Thursday, July 23, 2009

are you an addict

I am just so sad..... I just heard on my local news about 4 boys aged 9-14 that lured an 8 year old girl into a closet, then they took turns raping her. Then the girl's family blame her for the attack, and say she has brought shame to their family.. The little girl is in CPS custody because of it. A group of immigrants from the same African country live in the same apartment complex. The boys and the girl lived in the same complex. Actually, it might be a good thing in the long run for the girl. Hopefully they can place her with a good foster family. That's how I am going to choose think about it. Otherwise I would be just TOO heartbroken. Life is difficult......that's for certain.

Eating and exercise is great. Making good choices. Knee is feeling better. I am in a good space as far as all that stuff goes. Slept better last night. Knee feeling better. Mood is better too. Had a great time with my grandkids last night. They make me laugh! I still feel alittle foggy, but nothing like before. All physical symptoms are gone.

Trying to get a budget together for myself. Sticking to it is the real tough part. I was kind of freaked out when my son told me he wanted to move, but I am feeling better today about it. Not the him moving out part, ....I freaked about the money thing. How it will effect me? Wish I didn't have to worry about money. Who doesn't?!

Going to a movie tonight with a friend. "The Hurt Locker". Anyone seen it? It's about guys that diffuse bombs. I thought it was a documentary, but my friend has seen it and said it isn't.

Saw this teaser on the news this morning that said that obese people and addicts have something in common. I didn't have time to hear the story, but HOLY HELL! I wonder how much that study cost!! Could it be ADDICTION!!! FOOLS! I could have told them that for nothing! I should maybe skip the news for Gets me all riled up!

That's it for today. I am not leaving too many comments lately. I follow so many blogs, sometimes it's hard to leave a comment on each one. I am trying to limit my "blog time". Mr Sh*t recently did a funny list of things indicating you are a blog addict. Funny, and true...ouch!

Keep the mood and the food real. Be impeccable with your word...still


  1. Yep, no news for me, it's always bad so why watch I say. Hope you can figure out a good budget for yourself I know how tough it can be.

  2. I keep the newspaper out of the house and the tv turned off these days.
    it helps the sanity & mood.
    there's enough on our plates to deal with ...
    why take on more.
    doesn't make us heartless to not know the things we cannot change.

    Good to hear the health front is together and going well.
    Enjoy the movie!

    Those studies are so redundant. Keeps people working I guess.

    Hope you're feeling better today, Dana.
    Day at a time.

  3. I gave up newspapers last year and only occasionally look at the news. I am of the sme opinion as "Fitcetera".

    Hope the movie was good:)


  4. Whoa whoa whoa, what the FUCK at that first paragraph?! I just want to here a happy news story for once! Please!

  5. I saw that on the news- sad :(

    Glad your knee is feelin better! Have fun at the movies!

  6. Very good. I also don't watch the news. I can get all the bad news I need right between my own ears...and from what I see with my own eyes...

  7. Oh my. What a horrible tragedy! It breaks my heart to here things like that are happening. Those kids are so young! What is the world coming to?

    sounds like you're on plan. glad to hear the knee is looking up.

    know what you mean about spending time on the blogging....

  8. I hate watching the news. How horrible :(
    Those scientific studies crack me up. They seem like such a waste of time and money. 2 years ans 5 million dollars-turns out eating to much and sitting all day doescause weight gain! *hand to forehead*

  9. "My name is Graciela and I'm a compulsive eater." Yup, you don't go to OA meetings unless you're an addict. Stupid study, all they had to do was call me. I could have explained it to them.


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