Wednesday, July 22, 2009

be impeccable with your word

Had a great day yesterday. Kind of long. I am not sleeping as well I as would like, but that is so minor compared to what I was going thru last week, I won't whine too much about it.

We had book club last night. I love book club. I love the women that are in my group and it's just a fun time. This month's book was The Four Agreements. I love the agreements themselves. #1 Be impeccable with your word. This doesn't mean just be honest, it also means that you want to try to "cast good spells" with your words. I choose to think of good spells as good energy. I have really tried to focus on that . Since like attracts like I have tried to be positive,(mostly about other people) it seems to work. How about that! lol It's amazing to me how hard it is to really follow thru on that intention. Practice Practice Practice!

I was back to outside walking this morning with both my buddies. It was so HOT and JUICEY out there. Almost hard to breath. I was ringing wet when I got home. Anyway that cyst in the back of my is letting me know it's still there. Did 3 miles, but had to go kind of slow towards the end. It might be the treadclimber making the thing flare up. We'll see how I do today.

My 20 year old son who lives with me has told me he wants to move in with some friends. I don't blame him. My townhouse is so little, and really what 20 year old wants to live with their matter how cool she So since I have kind of been depending on him for half the rent, I have mixed feelings. He is not going for 6 weeks or so, so that gives me chance to figure things out financially. I really am bad with money. That is another thing I have been working on. It's seems that I do have better self control with my spending when I am showing self control with my health. So I am getting better. It's not like I make a huge amount of money anyway, but still. Being frugal is a virtue, at least I think it is.

I am still waiting to hear on that house I put a bid in months ago. It's in a short sale and banks are backed up. If I get the house I think he will probably come with me, but we are just too on top of each other in this cracker jack box we live in now. I hope so bad that I get the house. I want to be closer to my daughter and her family. Not to mention the tax break and tax credit I will get this year. I have been pretty laid back about it. Trying not to feel like I am forcing it to happen. Even though I have no control over the bank, in my mind sometimes I want something so bad I BELIEVE I can make it happen. This is a big change for me. Just doing my best then being patient on the results is something new. Feels dang good. If it is suppose to happen it will happen. Doing your best is the 4th agreement!

Food has been good. No binging, not even over the weekend from hell. Water could be better too. All in all I feel good about my choices. Check out Roxie's blog, She has a great link to an interesting site. It's all about choices. Rarely are you forced to make major choices. It's the million of small, seemly unimportant choices, that make up our lives. That becomes habit.

Going out to see my grandkids today. It's been almost a week since I have seen them and I miss the little devils. It's the library and McD's small ice cream for an outing this afternoon. I love doing this with the boys! The girls are still too little to really enjoy it.

Keep the mood and the food impeccable with your word, especially with yourself.


  1. I like that, I will be trying to be more impeccable with my word! Have fun with the kiddos!

  2. What you went through last week - it's like a million brain cells bouncing off of each will take a good long while before you are sorted out and back to 100%
    But it's great that you aren't sitting around waiting for it to walk more than I do!
    Word up - on the words. Words seem to be real, and carry us with them where ever we sent let it work FOR us, impeccably!

  3. I've never heard of that book - but I like #1. I'll have to check it out!

    Glad you're doing better, glad you get to spend time with the grandkids today. Weird that it's taking so long to hear about the house - I hope that no news will be good news!

  4. Sounds like you're enjoying life these days *smile*. Sorry to hear your son is moving out, I hope you get the house so he won't. It will be great for you to be closer to your daughter and the grandkids I know they will love that.

  5. Hope everything works out on the house front *fingers crossed*

    *high fives* to no binging and good eating :D

  6. You are sounding so much more positive! that is great to see. Keep it up

  7. Sometimes I can't access your blog from work, so I missed this update. I didn't know about the house. I'll keep my fingers crossed and will send good thoughts for that.

    I am glad you are feeling better - and things will work themselves out on the money front. You can handle this, however it turns out. You will be fine.


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