Thursday, July 2, 2009

Creature of Habit

I am a creature of habit. Every morning I go the same way to work. This morning I needed to make a stop before I got to the office. I had to turn around 3, count 'em, 3 times, before I made it to my stop. What the hell? It was almost funny by the 3rd time. My mind wonders, ALOT, and I had to pay attention to get where I wanted to go. Most of the time I am on auto pilot. I had to laugh at myself, Man I am a creature of habit. We all are I think. This same thing applies to weight loss, I have to pay attention to get where I want to go!

Since about the 1st of March I have walked everyday. This has become a habit. This morning my knee was feeling "ouchie" again. It's been along time since it's hurt. I was trying to decide if I should just take a break today. I just had to do it. I am almost afraid to miss a day walking, for fear that I break my good habit. Why is it that bad habits are so easy to form, but good ones aren't? I walked, I didn't go as fast and I didn't go as far. My knee was fine and I was glad that I did it and got it over with early. It's a habit!

I am noticing that I am on auto pilot lately with good habits. I read this blog yesterday,, ( love to you Shelly) and I love that she lost, I think it was 8 or 9 lbs this month, eating induitively. She didn't count anything. Just tried to make good choices. And all this while she celebrated a B-day and a anniversary and had visitors last month.

I don't count anything either. At 1st I did, but now I just try to eat clean and eat when I am hungry. I try not to act impulsive. And guess what, it seems to be working. It makes this journey so much easier if I just relax and just try to be good to myself. I used to feel guilty about how easy it has been this time, but not anymore. I feel in control and more confidant then I have felt in YEARS! And...this is the interesting thing, I am not acting implusive in other areas in my life. Like in the spending money area.......this journey is so awesome!

Thank you so much Shelly for that post. It made me think! I am so grateful to be on this journey, with all of you! It is a privledge!.....

Keep the mood and the food......


  1. Trying again - short version.

    You rock!

  2. I dont know if Im eating clean, but Im not eating sh*t anymore and I agree, its awesome!

    Good job on going for the walk anyways! And I agree, why are bad habits soooo easy to keep? Unfair!

  3. I read Shelley's post too, and congratulated her on living the lifestyle!

    I wish I didn't have to micromanage what I eat, but being diabetic, I need to know exactly how many carbs I am eating in order to give myself the right amount of insulin - but its become my habit much like your walking so I don't mind!

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  4. Good for you, im glad that you decited to walk anyways. Keep up the good work!!

  5. I don't count either, but I'm really, really just now getting into healthier eating and exercise. We'll see where these choices get me in two weeks..

  6. I'm so honored by your kind words and that something that I wrote touched you! Seriously, I am smiling like a fool over here!

    I feel the same way as you do about exercise - I'm afraid to not do it for a day, because what if my old habits resurface? Not that I don't trust myself, but hey - I know me, and I can be pretty lazy. Good on ya for walking today!

  7. I read Shelley's post too and I so enjoyed it...and enjoy yours as well. I totally relate to everything you said...I don't count anymore either, although I used to be manic over it. When you stop counting and feel guilty for skipping a day of exercise...I think you've finally got your mind wrapped around the concept of a being a thin person. :) That's the way I look at've finally made the lifestyle change you've been striving for. :) Way to go, girlfriend!

  8. I always read Shelley - she's got such great insights and advice. It was a good post and proof that we don't always have to overthink it for it to work. Just try to do the right thing as often as possible.

  9. I would love to get to that point one day - just intuitively knowing what to eat. I'm definitely getting better at it, but I like the comfort of knowing my calories right now.
    I'm definitely a creature of habit - that's how I got to be so fat!

  10. I am not there either Jenn. I still have to keep track of them. I strive to get there AND to make a habit of walking. Good job on that!

  11. (love shelley as well)
    I have been thinking about this lately as I try and help a friend lose a great deal of weight.

    there is that time when it finally CLICKS and you are on healthyhabit autopilot huh?
    she keeps asking me WHEN THAT WILL HAPPEN---I just tell her it is different for us all.

  12. I am really trying to eat clean :) For the last 4 days i've had no sugar or sweetner!! I just take it on a day to day basis.


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