Friday, July 3, 2009

down a notch....

Days off are the toughest for me. If I am in the house I will eat. So this morning I decided I needed some motivation. I went to Kohl's and tried on some size 16 capris. A couple of them fit, and fit nice! I was so excited! I am now down to 1x shirt now also. It used to be that a 3x was almost too small. Then I tried on bras. I am down from a 42 to a 38. My girls were at attention! I bought the bra and one pair of capris. It was fun. The morning was over and I was intact with the food. And I didn't spend alot of money!

This was just what I needed. I haven't been able to wear a size 16 for over 8 years. I feel so damn good! I just need to stay busy at something...I eat alot because I am bored. The mini-binge is a thing of the past! This makes me want to make good choices for the rest of the weekend. I came home and had a big plate of summer squash and watermelon. So good.

Going to an early $5 movie tomorrow and brekkie before the show with a girlfrind that hasn't seen me for a while. It will be fun. Then back over to the daughter's for bbq and fireworks. I don't know if I will make to firework time....I go to bed so early. But I will give it a shot. Tonight I am sitting while they take my S-I-L's mother to a jazz club. I don't mind, they only get to see her every so often. They do nice stuff for me all the time.

I am reading The Four Agreements. OMG! How have I never read this book before. If you haven't read it, READ IT! It is just awesome. Making me look at stuff in a whole new way. I want my daughter to read it too. I love belonging to a book club. We read all kinds of stuff.

Enjoy your holiday


  1. Nothing says victory quite like clothing tags! I found your blog through others I follow and I love it! I'm looking forward to following your journey! :)

  2. MMM sz awesome! I cant wait to reach that size, super congrats!

  3. That's what I'm talking about! YAY is not a strong enough word - 8 years- now this! Congrats BIG time!

  4. Woo-hoo on the size 16! Wow. Good going. I bet that's better than seeing the scale change a pound. =)

    I have not read The Four Agreements because I live under a rock. Actually it's been on my list but I forget to pick it up. Will move it to the forefront on your recommendation.

    Yes, I have seen the movie Prize Winner. It is one of 2 movies that I actually own. It is probably my favorite movie as it is so uplifting.

  5. Congrats on the new capris in that awesome size. I need to re-read The Four Agreements. I was sort of "Oh, okay" about it when I read it a few years ago. I wonder if my perspective has shifted over the years. Thanks for the suggestion. Happy 4th!

  6. Congrats on the 16s - bet you look as good as you feel wearing them!!!

  7. Hooray for the 16s! Fitting in a smaller size is always a HUGE motivator for me! Doing the happy dance for you.

  8. *lives under a rock as well* What is The Four Agreements about? I guess I could just Google it but I'm kinda lazy...

    Congrats on the smaller clothing sizes!

  9. *high fives* to the 16 size! And the bras and to not spending too much money! Nice work!

    Enjoy the fireworks and the bbq! Muchos fun!

  10. Good for the girls to stand at attention! It must feel so empowering to see your progress both on the scale and the clothing rack. Thanks for inspiring us!

  11. Yeah for EVERYthing!

    I've had the book since Oprah O'd it but never read it. I have one called the 5 things we cannot change and I think it's along the same lines.
    Basically, here are the rules of life ... deal with it.

    Here's to tata's standing at attention for the 4th of July!!! lol


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