Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The "motley crew" I love this picture All those who helped us celebrate

Sweet Tatum....

This is a great picture of Alivia

All in all it was an awesome day!
One weight related thing...I have lost over 40 lbs, yet when I look at the pictures taken of me yesterday I think I look SO FAT. Cause I still am fat, this I am well aware of. The thing I hate is how the pictures made me feel. I was very critical of them, of me!...that's why there is no pics of me. Body image is a tricky thing. When I was fat I thought I looked ok ( when I looked in the mirror, pictures showed the hard truth). Now that I am thinner, I think I look fatter. Oh yea, this thing is center in MY MIND....not my stomach!
Thanks for all the wonderful, loving and sweet comments from yesterday....You all have got my heart. It's a privledge to be in "your company".


  1. Pictures can be hard, especially when you've been working so hard losing weight. You are doing awesome! When I lost my 150 lbs it was awhile before I was happy with my pictures, even though I knew I felt better, and DID look better! Keep up the good work!

  2. Awww, what great pictures! Glad yesterday was so joyful!

    I so get you with the "lost weight and still look fat" pictures - remember my before and during bike pics? I was so shocked and depressed when I saw that first one. It's hard, but try not to let it get to you too much - after all, you ARE losing weight and soon, I promise, will be very happy with pictures of yourself!

  3. I'm with ya. I've lost 50 now, and I'm just starting to see some photos I like of myself. Most of the time, I still look at 'em and go "You've still got a lotta work to do, bubba."

  4. Oh I'm with ya there sista! I had pictures take of me during the BF's party, with two other ladies, whom of which probably weigh 110lbs soaking wet. Anyway, I have a visual picture of myself that is so much different than the photograhic proof that I absolutely HATE pictures right now. I think I kind of like my inner brain version because I feel better. Photo version of me is not so happy, I am to critical of myself and forget that I DO look much better than I did before (just 100% avoided pictures then so reality never really slapped me much).

    Pretty soon we will be happy about getting pictures as it will get better!

  5. Twins again! You and I are right in sync...or in sink...hehe
    I love your blog!

  6. Cute pics of the kids!!

    I know what you mean about self image. I still see myself super obese although I am 120 lbs skinnier. It's hard to look at photos and mirrors.

  7. So happy for you and your family! What beautiful pictures! Funny thing about pictures--when I had first gotten to 50 lbs loss I thought I looked great! Now that I have been there for a year--I think I look HUGE! Still the same weight, just adjusted to seeing myself I think. I can't wait to think I look great again! Just so proud and happy for you! Blessings--Bonnie

  8. Totally gorgeous pictures - I love, love, love the first one!

    I am sorta pleased with my pictures if I get the chance to pose properly (with tummy sucked in, lol), but those candid ones are a bit of a disappointment.

    I think you look fabulous in your profile pic lately!

  9. Beautiful pictures!!
    I still see myself as "fat" in photo's!

  10. I love when you post pictures of your grandkids--they are all so cute!

    Congrats on losing over 40! In our minds, we're thin--then in photos or the mirror, we see that we are not yet complete with the journey. It is startling and not fun.

    Have you ever taken your photos and put them side by side? That helps me a lot. I may still be fat--still morbidly obese, but by golly, I'm a heck of a lot better than I was! Try it, it helps.

  11. Beautiful pics, missus. Thanks for sharing with us. Privileged.

    I know what you mean about still feeling fat even after losing a noticeable amount. feels sucky.


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