Friday, July 24, 2009

a weekend of good choices?

Feeling sluggish and foggy again today. I would love to put together more then 3 goods days in row. That would awesome.

I ate out too much yesterday. Made good choices, but came home and ate alittle more. Good stuff, but stuff anyway. I was eating and I wasn't really hungry. I have noticed that I am eating to put myself to sleep. Not a good thing. I have been doing this for about a month now. This week my effort with food has been good. Except for yesterday, and then it was just so-so. Nothing bad, just eating myself too full a few times. Water hasn't been the greatest. Need to kick it up over the weekend.

Babysitting tonight and a sleep over at my daughter's. I will walk out there in the morning. I have some podcasts I want to listen. It will be nice to walk myself. I like my buddies, but sometimes I want to walk alone, to think.

hope your weekend is full of good choices!


  1. Good choices...that's what it all really boils down to, isn't it? When we do right, eat right, think right... it all seems to fall in place quite nicely.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I looove listening to podcasts. It makes my walk go by so quickly! Hope you have a great weekend (:

  3. Eating too much, even fruits and veggies, makes me feel blah and blech. Hope you snap out of the fog today, and for a good while!

  4. You are right that even if you are eating too much of the good food, then it's still too much. Here's hoping you have a great weekend, both food wise and life wise!

  5. At least you realize that you are eating too much of good foods. i think too often people see "good" foods as ones they can indulge in and forget that they still have calories. Good luck this weekend and have a great time with your daughter!!!!!

  6. Bah, struggling with the choices myself this week - good luck with the weekend!

  7. Good on the walking and time to think! Enjoy the weekend.

    good choices yay but i too have sometimes just eat the good stuff even though im not hungry. just cause its there. not so good.

  8. Sorry you're feeling sluggish and foggy. I know I use to always have to eat before bed, it was like I need that full feeling to sleep. I've switched to just having hot tea (honey vanilla chamomile) with milk most nights and that seems to do the trick. I also know what you mean about sometimes just wanting to walk alone. I always feel guilty when I tell the kids no but sometimes you do just need the time with yourself. Hope you have a good night with the kids.

  9. I've done that before where I eat, so I can go to sleep! What I have been doing now for the past week is taking a walk with my husband at night. We take an easy stroll and it's enough to get me tired for bed. Hope you get out of the fog soon, which I know you will be!

  10. Hey Dana,
    This has got to be related to going off the meds, yes?
    Perhaps you're reaching for the food to medicate your mind without knowing it?
    I love the sound of your walk with podcasts & alone time.
    Take care, Kiddo!

  11. I love walking by myself. It is a time that I get to just think about whatever I have on my mind...I often solve problems while I walk. And I do love my iPod too.

    Hope you will feel better soon. And thanks for your comment on my blog reminding me that I am indeed a very lucky person.


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