Thursday, August 20, 2009

And the lovely blog award Goes to.....

Thank you to Hadley, Katie J and Bonnie for the lovely award. I am not sure how I get the award over to my Computers for this dummy. Can someone tell me.

Here are my no particular order.

I am really no good at links either, so I am just going to list them.

1. Infatuation will eat you....Simone babes, I love you! *Big Puffy hug*

2. FatFreeMe......She's my sister in this journey. We got started about the same time, though she is doing alittle better then me, this week. I will catch up next week, Girl! I look forward to her always thoughtful comments. {{hugs}}

3. Gravel and Rust.......Roxie, I L*O*V*E your approach to life. She is maintaining a 100 lb weight loss for awhile now. I always love to read her post 1st thing in the morning. Gets me ready for my day. I count on her feedback, it is important to me.

4. Fitcetra..........Karen continues to amaze me! I never know what I am going to see when she posts. More often then not she is thinking or feeling something that is going on with me too. We are alot alike.....

5. No More Stinkin Thinkin........Bonnie I love to read about your life. Anyone that is brave enough to meet her hubs online, then travel to New Zealand to be his wife, then adopt all within a 7 year span. Plus she is a Preacher Wife (no easy job ) Well what can I say, she inspires me.

6. Bigger Boat.....I don't even think he knows I am alive....he has never left me a comment. EVER! lol But I love to read his quick posts about his life. I love the way he talks about his family. They always make me smile, plus I love his honesty. Plus, I like his style when he leaves commnets for others, short, but they pack a punch.

7. Jack Shit....for the obvious reasons....but mostly for his comments on others blogs. I love his posts ( who doesn't )...but his witty, heartfelt comments to others are what love to read.

8. 282.5...........Jo's a great cheerleader, who doesn't like that. I love to read her comments to others as well.

9. Carb Tripper......Anne is alwasy good for a video, and some great advice.......for one nurse to ya

10. The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl....Shauna is the one that started it all for me this time. I bought her book at New Year's. By the middle of Feb I was a blogger! I love the way she write, her courage, and her approach to weight loss. the book is awesome and I have recomended it to lots of people. I really feel like she's my friend. I have never even rightly thanked her, so thank you Shauna!

11. 40 Something's Weight Loss....Shelly is always positive and upbeat, who doesn't want to catch some of that energy. Plus, she gives such uplifting and thoughtful comments. look forward to her comments.

12. Fixing Myself Thinner......WOW...what do you say about Dawn. I love her blog. I can count on a daily update. She maintains a positive attitude, but not to point that you think she's a stepford She's honest, open and I love that I get to share in her life. Thanks Dawn.

13. KatieJ is on her way....Yes she is. I love her graphs and her positive posts. She always leave great commments for me and others.

14. Halving Hadley......Oh I love her posts. I love that she lives in D.C. and that she's an economist in this time in history. Oh to be young, and right up in where all the Nation's action is!

15. Finding the Runner in Me........Jinx, love you. She was the 1st person to leave me a comment. I will be forever grateful. Love everything about her posts. Especailly now that she is posting more often......

Thanks to all the bloggers I have forgotten. I follow quite a few blogs, I left lots out.


  1. What? I am truly honored. You are one of my favorites, too!
    There are so many good bloggers - how can anyone pick just a handful?

  2. Thanks for the award. I've got one already, but I'm using the extras to wallpaper my guest bathroom. Just need three more and I'm all done...

  3. Hey Dana! thank you for the award!!!
    I never know either ... who's writing that stuff anyway? :D
    I love reading your blog too. I relate to so much of what you're going through and have been through.

  4. Thank you Dana - you are so sweet!!!

  5. Aaawww... thanks girl!You so deserve that award!Jinx!

  6. Just stumbled on your blog because I've been spending the last few days looking for some inspiration (and to beef up my own blogroll) and not only do I get to 'meet' you, I get to spend baby's naptime going through a whole list of others! (some of whom I've already discovered). Good day to be me.

    Anyway, congrats on your blog award, and I look forward to getting to 'know' you better through your posts!

  7. Dana, you know I sooo enjoy reading your blog too and I love how you care so much about us all. I love hearing about your kids and grandkids and I see us going along together for a LONG time *hugs*. Thanks for the award and for your friendship.

  8. Congrats on the award, and what a great list of blogs to read!

  9. Thank you, I am honored. I've been reading but I haven't been commenting...strapped for time. Sorry I'm late with my thanks.

  10. p.s. I've never been mistaken for a cheerleader in my life! lol I can just see me in a cute little cheerleader outfit, doing kicks. lol

  11. ok ok ok whos number one? me! wooot. ofcourse theres an order :P i love you!

    seriously babes we are rocking it *giant puffy high fives*


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