Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Do Your Best

Life is cruising right along. I had a great weekend and Monday was plesantly busy at work. I weighed in last night and to my utter surprise I had lost another 3.5 lbs. Bringing the grand total to 55.1 lbs. I really couldn't believe it! The people in my little weight loss group were really supportive and excited for me.

Again, I am starting to feel gulity. Why do I feel that way? Hell, who knows?? Why would I worry or feel guilty that it's fun and easy to loose weight.......as I write this I am laughing at myself.

I do put in the time, thought and the effort it takes. At the very least, I pay attention to WHAT and WHY I am eating. I walk 40-60 mins a day. EVERYDAY. I eat good for me foods. I have found the best little treat. Tootsie Rolls. The little kind. I have been eating them to get a chewy and sweet fix. I think you can have like 6 midgets ( that's what they call them ) for 3 pts. Also, I eat alot of saltines. For some reason I pretend they are chips. You can have a bunch of them for very little pts. I haven't been counting anything, really. No calories, nothing. Again, just trying to eating good for me foods. And, lots of water. I love water! Basically, I have tried to plan for success. I am not trying to lie to myself, I know that I still USE food. I just try to minimize the damage. Drinking lots of water and filling up on low cal stuff.

Weigh ins don't seem to bother me anymore. I think it's because I am trusting myself more. I have stuck with it long enough this time to realize that the scales don't mean everything. That I am in no big hurry with this. I told myself that this time I am not doing anything that I can't do long term. Watching what I eat, pausing to think about why I am eating, and walking everyday. I can do those things.

Keep the mood and the food.....do your best! Really that's all you can do!


  1. WOW! Great loss this week!! HIGH 5!! :)

    Im a hard candy gal- I like those Carmel Nips- kinda sticky so I cant chew them. :) I cant have saltines in my house. :( I OD on them. :( lol

    :)Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Way to go on the great lose Dana!!! You are doing so wonderful! You have a wonderful attitude and that is what it's about, doing what you can keep doing for life.

  3. You are well on your way. I like tootsie rolls too. My husband calls them chocolate wax, but I tell him to be quiet.

    They helped me on my journey too, as I was losing my 150 pounds. Whatever works!!!

  4. Wow, what a great weigh-in - I am so happy for you!!!

    I agree, it's a funny feeling to lose when you aren't struggling with the food and exercise - "we ceased fighting..." and it works - who knew?!?

    Mmmm, Tootsie Rolls - I used to love stealing them from my kids' halloween stash!

  5. WOW, 55 pounds is simply amazing. You are doing so well!!! Sounds like this way of life has really become second nature for you.

  6. I love this: "I have tried to plan for success." What a great motto. Plan for it and that is what will be.

  7. Awesome job! 3.5 pounds is a great loss for a week, and that you've lost over 55 pounds total is just very impressive.

    I think it's wonderful that you seem so at peace with how you're doing it. It sounds like you're enjoying it, day to day, which is just amazing. Way to go!

  8. wow. 3 lbs that is great! I was so excited to find out you are LDS. its great to know there are some of us out there in this world!

  9. Don't ever feel guilty for what you've worked hard to gain (or lose in this case). You're doing an awesome job and keep going at it!

  10. Great job on the loss. Stop feeling guilty, you deserve to celebrate. Your attitude is wonderful.

  11. Yay! Well done you! What a great loss to have, even at this stage in the game - woo-hoo!

    Bah, don't feel guilty, you probably are working harder at it than you realise, only now you are getting used to the exercise and sensible eating so it doesn't feel like as much effort as before. But it still is.

    Keep up the great work, sis!

  12. Great loss and great attitude! Just a quick cruise-by as I try to get caught up. Glad things are rocking along for you.


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