Friday, August 14, 2009

feeling bratty

I am restless, irritable and discontented. I am fighting a salt craving, though not very well. I had a stir fry thing last night that was full of salt and now I am eating teryaki chicken. Pretty soon I will be so swollen I won't be ale to make a fist. I have already filled up the old water glass and downed most of it. Food has not been perfect, but it's ok. I feel like I am testing the limits of this intuitive eating thing. Not a good thing. Makes me feel kind of out of control....kind of bratty. That's the only way to describe it. Anyway....all this and for no good reason. I could understand it if it would have been last week, this week was a breeze.

I walked my 3 miles with my walking buddy this morning. She is a school nurse in a low income neighborhood, with lots of kids with some severe health problems. She was telling me about how crazy the 1st few days of school have been. Then we started talking about deep, spiritual things. It was a touching conversation, that had both of us crying. I love it when the spirit touches my heart like that. We both had to laugh how fast the 3 miles goes when we talk about deep She was telling me about the strained relationship she has with her daughter. I could tell how much it hurt her. I wish I could help her. All I can do is listen. It makes me so grateful for my daughter and son in law ( that's alot of my friend's problem, the SIL ). I am very lucky!

I am trying to kick a hormone headaches' ass, with little succes. I am going to have to suffer thru till quitting time. I am suppose to look at a house this weekend. My real estate guy tells me to keep trying for a house. The worst that can happen is they say no...right?? I am not getting my hopes up. The bank on that other house won't even return phone calls now...weird. Like I said, not getting my hopes up.

..keep the mood and the food real...feel the spirit...... stay in the moment


  1. Your RE agent is right. The worst that can happen is NO. It's not personal;it's just a no. I understand your reluctance, however. It's that rejection thing again.

    I think acknowledging that you are feeling bratty is half the battle. Just keep doing good things and this feeling shall pass. As you say, keep the mood and the food real.

  2. Hi! I'm new to your blog, love reading your back posts, I totally feel you on the problem with salt, I hate how it makes my hands feel! Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  3. I've been feeling bratty lately, too. This too shall pass.

    Sometimes the greatest gift of help you can give someone is the gift of listening. I know I appreciate it when someone listens when I need to talk.

    I wish you well with the house situation. I know how frustrating that has to be. sigh Something good will come, though.

  4. I agree the worse that can happen is a no. Just keep drinking that water and the sodium will go away. I'm a little bratty tonight too, alcohol does that to me lol.

  5. Just checking in briefly with my sister! Feeling the salt thing myself at the moment (a few too many indulgencies this weekend while son visiting). It just makes me want more!

    Anyway, you know how to get it under control by now - it is becoming a way of life, isn't it?

    Good luck with the house thing - that would be fantastic and worth trying for!

    (((hugs))) cos you sound a bit low.

  6. Am just back from vaca and hear you on the salt overload. I did a couple of sides of grease too and now it's payback time. We'll get back to normal together.


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