Saturday, August 1, 2009


UNCLE ALREADY!! I give UP! I got another brick in the face, not a brick, but a really really big rock. Seriously, I was on my out to pick up my grandsons for a day of swimming, and I get a FLAT TIRE. On the interstate no less. I am freaking out. My bank account is empty. I have just what cash I have on me.

Almost immediately, I get this mantra in my head saying....I can do hard things...get your ass out and see about a spare. You are not helpless. Thank God that voice was louder then one telling to just walk into oncoming traffic. That's a joke....kind of. So I call my son. In the mean time I get out unload my trunk get out the spare start jacking the car up.

Luckily I had opened a Firestone account awhile back. I had forgotten all about it. Nothing like a half hour wait by the side of the interstate to jog your memory.

While waiting for my son I decided it was time for The Breakdown. The one that has been coming for the past few days. I mean, come on a person can only take so much. So I called my sister, left a crazy sobbing message, and then proceeded to tell my son how to change a tire. Why, why do I do that shit. I was about to drive him nuts . He made me sit in his car.

Anyway, things worked out. My sister called while I was waiting for my tires ( i needed to replace 3 ). We were laughing our asses off. It is funny. I couldn't make this stuff up. It would be funnier if it was happening to someone else though..............

Here's to the rest of the weekend!


  1. Babes! Seriously.. you been walking under ladders? crossing black cats? putting up umbrellas in doors? breaking mirrors? cause that is just bad baaaaaaaaaaaaaad luck missus.

    no wonder you had a mini breakdown. i would be beside myself if this shit happened to me. BINGE O RAMA. Im glad you;re a tougher cookie than me!!!

    i am so glad you can laugh about it lol.
    *sends goodluck*

  2. Maybe you are getting ALL of the crummy things that can happen out of the way in one week? Geez, I sure hope so!

    Hugs, hugs and more hugs to you, Dana.

  3. Isn't that three bad things? Doesn't that mean they're done and you're all emptied out and just waiting now for the good things?? I sure hope so...

  4. Dana, sometimes you just need a good old breakdown to relieve the stress. It's great you could laugh about it later. I can picture you son saying "just go sit in the car mom" too lol. Awwww, big hug Dana. Hope you can have a nice Sunday at least.

  5. Hope the universe is done handing you crap! My mother always says "We must always maintain our sense of humor" Glad you can laugh about it now. Cheers to the rest of your weekend being safe and sane :-)

  6. I kindly ask the Universe to back off and only give you good tidings.

  7. breathe in.....breathe out.....breathe in....breathe out.

    Girl, keep your chin up, it's gonna get better!

  8. I just read about Prior Fat Girl Jenn. She lost her mother suddenly.

    I will take my problems anyday of the week. And be grateful for them!

  9. Oh man! what a crappy couple of days! BIG HUGS TO YA!!! Im sorry!!!

  10. When my husband and I were first dating, we were both in the army. Well, we both didn't get paid on the first of the month (it was a holiday) unfortunately for us, we had decided that we were going to drive from Michigan back to massachussettes (where we lived) because we had enough money to get through one night of travel and then...we were going to get paid on the first. So, we are in pennsylvania and we fill up with the last of our money. We make it into massachussettes and we are on fumes...unfortunately, we have no more money (or so I thought) So, we sit on the side of the road with the engine off trying to think when I realize I have a folgers can of pennies and nickles in the back. A FULL CAN. We got almost twenty dollars counted out and then we had to find some poor clerk to take them. A very nice girl at a conoco took them all, and we made it home. Where there is a will there is a way. Now, its a nice memory. I hope someday you can look back at all this and laugh and laugh and laugh.........and laugh. God bless.

  11. I have so been in your shoes. It's good that you are able to laugh about it and realize you would be pissing yourself if it was happening to someone else. lol!

    You will be ok!

  12. hugs, hugs, and more hugs!!!! Keep plugging away-this HAS to all turn around!

  13. Amen about Jen/PriorFatGirl.

    Your "luck" sounds a lot like my sister's. She seems to have those things snowballing, too. Hang in there and all of this will make you stronger. (Yeah, I know. Sometimes I rant at God saying "I'm strong enough already!")

  14. Your days sounds like the ones where I walk around LITERALLY SAYING:

    I get it universe and I am now surrounded by good and positive things.

    hang in there,


  15. Wow! I've had days like that. WWWHHHYYYY MMMEEE?!?!

    In the big pic... a minor blip though. Glad you could laugh about it.


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