Wednesday, September 16, 2009

cooler mornings

It is finally starting to cool down some in the mornings here in The Valley of the Sun. My bike ride to work this morning was so nice. I didn't even break a sweat....and that's saying alot! Hello! menopausal woman coming thru. I walked my usual 3 miles and rode 4 miles this morning. Awesome feeling. I mapped at a route that is mostly side streets. Traffic and bike scare the hell out of me. So this morning's ride was much nicer, easier. Loved it. Why haven't I been doing this before?! The handlebars are crooked though. Need to get that

I plan on trying out some of the hikes in the area. My mother loved to hike. I remember hiking with my mother and my sisters. Probably bitching the entire way. Good times... lol. But they were. I wish I would have done it more when I had the chance. Regrets, yes, I have a few.

I think I might even try it this weekend early in the morning. It was just so nice darn this morning. Summer kills me. Though this summer wasn't as bad as last. I am excited to be able to get out and do somethings this winter.

I feel like I might be getting back to feeling like a normal human being. It's been about a month since I stopped the hormones. My body is leveling off. At least that's how I feel now. Tomorrow ...we'll see...

Eating is on track, though yesterday I was hungry! Drinking lots of H20. Hoping maybe to get out to my daughter's this evening. I have to go see both Mr 92 and Mrs 82 today as well. So we'll se how I feel after work.

Keep the mood and the food real.


  1. I want a bike sooooo badly! All you bikers need to stop blogging about your bikes til I get one. hehehe

    I love hiking! It's really a good cardio work out. And it's hardly ever boring like the elliptical or treadmill.

    Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  2. Cooler weather always makes me want to exercise outside more. Here's to a great, healthy autumn for all of us.

  3. I really like biking! I exercise outdoors year around. We have four seasons, but our winter is very mild here. Only the occasional snow!

  4. I love how at peace you are these days. Whenever I read your posts, they just seem to be filled with a spirit of contentment and progress.

    Keep on loving life. You are such an inspiration.

  5. Crisp days are the best part of autumn. It really does inspire you to get outside ... or at least open some windows. Your progress is inspiring.

  6. I want to ride my bike! Soon as my loan comes in I am getting mine fixed. you inspiration you.

    need to drink more h2o. thanks for reminding me.

    I feel like I am back to feeling like a human being. Been a zombie the last couple of days! Sucky.

    i missed you too. lots. puffy heart hugs.LOTS.

  7. I love cooler weather too. You make me want a bike. Hope you get to the daughters I'm sure the grandkids love seeing you.

  8. I too am jealous of all of you bikers. Fingers crossed, next year I will join your biker gang.

  9. You are amazing, walking 3 miles AND biking 4 miles!!! Glad the cooler days are rejuvenating you - I am happy to see them here in Texas as well!

  10. Wow! That is a lot of exercise you are getting without your car - who knows, you may feel you can do without it forever!

    Just goes to show, what we can do if we put our minds to it.

    I must say, a lot of exercise seems to be helping my meno symptoms too - do you think we have made some kind of scientific discovery and may well become rich on the back of it?

    If only!

    Well done you - enjoy lovely Autumn.

  11. LOVE the cooler weather; HATE the shorter days. :) Your comment about hiking with your mom/sister and bitching throughout reminded me of a WW adage relative to exercise. "If you're moving, it's not really gossip." Same for bitching ... it you're moving, it's not really bitching. :)

  12. I hear you about the hormonal roller-coaster. It's so hard to stay focused when the estrogen has left the building. I'm in those unchartered waters too unfortunately. We'll keep each other company.

  13. Great job on the activity levels! walking and riding! You are doing Great!!!!


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