Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well the weekend came and went too fast! On Saturday I had a nice day with my Gkids and then came home and did some work from home.

We are having our anual state audit this week, so little time to blog from work. My computer at home is acting all weird. Half the time I can't leave comment or add picutes.

Sunday was great I went for a 10 miles bike ride. QUESTION? When does the hoochie stop hurting? I am suppose to be getting callouses or what to toughen it up, down there. TMI ...sorry. Loved the ride. It just feels so stinking good! Then I went to church. I love early church, have I said that....well I do...lol. Then afet church I cleaned and organized and watched alittle Tv and went to bed early.....blah blah....what a darned exciting weekend.

I weighed in last night at my meeting and I got on and it said I had gained a half a pound. Then somebody said try it again...it said that I had loss a half a pound. So I am calling this week a draw...even stevens from last week. I really exercised alot, but my eating, though good, was not stellar. I ate alot of good things. Too much of a good thing is STILL too much! Not near enough water either.

But you know what I am totally ok with my weigh in. I was almost expecting to gain. I know that it's going to be harder from now on. I am going to have work harder, watch my food and the amounts closer. I also know that the holidays are coming up. So realistically I am going to focus on more and different exercise, eating well and in moderation, and drinking H20. If I loose, so be it.

I feel so great lately. I feel healthy and younger then I have in years. YEARS! I am not going to let this plateau or whatever it is get me down. I keep loosing and then gaining the same 2 lbs. I am really close to the 100's and I have seen how that can mess loosers up, even if they are still really trying. Something about that milestone is hard. So I have decided to go with the flow. I am not going to expect massive losses. I will expect my stamina and outlook on life to steadily INCREASE though!

I haven't heard from the Jackass. Probably won't again, at least for a while. I thought alot about my personal situation over the weekend and I came to this conclusion. I am glad to be alone. I love my life. Sure I get lonely sometimes, but I am only as lonely as I choose to be. There are a few fleeting moments when I miss not having a man, but they are few and far between. By the time you are my age they ALL come the some kind of baggage. Even the good ones! I am just not willing to deal with it all. Besides, I am a chicken to get my heart broke again. It might never happen, but I just don't want to chance it. This is how I feel today....Hell tomorrow I could have already changed my mind....but I doubt it.

Keep the mood and the food real......be realistic


  1. This post does seem so realistic and that's great. I agree that upping the exercise is a great way to help w/ the inevitable holiday treats. Great idea!

  2. A ten mile bike ride? That is so great! As for your question, it really shouldn't be hurting by now, so you probably need a better seat - you will be so happy with a gel-type seat, I promise!

  3. How long have you been riding? If you go every day, it will take a few weeks for your sit bones to callous up, and it will feel sore, but you'll get there.

    10 miles is a great ride!

  4. 10 miles is outrageous!! Good for you. And congrats on the 56.1 wt loss.

  5. My fissure stopped hurting after a few times of riding. But that was spinning class, not a straight-up bike ride. So, if it hasn't gone away yet you should try getting a padded seat. I hear those help.

    By the way, I love your new picture.

  6. You have such a great attitude these days. You're just bursting with positive energy, I love it.

    Don't stress about guys. Whatever happens happens. You're strong enough to be with someone, and you're strong enough to be on your own.

  7. Great post, great attitude, you are oozing positivity and it is wonderful.

    I think a gel seat is a priority right now, a ten mile ride deserves a comfortable seat:)


  8. *looks around*
    Im no help on the hoohah hurtage :)

    stopped taking spinning classes for that very reason!

    People say it eventually toughens up (!) but I didnt wait around to find out :)

    I shall cheer you on from my recumbent bike.

  9. My hoohaa still hurts too, nut no way could i do 10 miles, so hats off to you.

  10. The important thing is that you feel good. :)

  11. Who wants a tough vajay? Get a soft gel seat designed for women and adjust it right, I need to do the same, LOL.

    You are doing great, never fear you will break through that 200 barrier with your great attitude (and all that cycling). I must agree about the men issue and also about how great it is to be so fit now. I swear I am fitter now that when I was in my 20s - I bet you are too!

    Just think, if you work hard at losing some more lbs now, you can meet 2010 in onederland. Does that sound good - or does that sound good, huh?

  12. Love your new photo! I hear you on breaking into the 100's - it has been haunting me all summer. Maybe the fall will be the time we both do it. And a 10 mile bike ride?!!! Go get 'em!

  13. You're probably developing leg muscles with all that bike riding. Give your system a chance to adjust and that next weigh-in will show your hard work.


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