Monday, September 14, 2009

get moving

It has been a lazy day at work today. This afternoon I mostly checked out the library website for new me a good book to listen to! I have the new "Prey" book by John Sandford waiting for me at the's like I love a good murder mystery.

The weekend was good. Went to 2 movies Julie and Julia ( loved it ) and also 500 Days of Summer ( it was cute ). Cleaned, went for a long bike ride yesterday morning listening to my "Wait Wait" podcast. Then church and ended the day with dinner at my daughter's house.

I am really glad the Bday celebration dinners, and one breakfast are over. I did my best, though at times my best wasn't quite good enough. I have a weigh in tonight. I have eaten too much this past week. I am setting new goals and I am going to lose some more weight this month! I seemed stalled at the moment. Up and down with the same few pounds. Such is life. I will press forward. I know what to do, so I just need to follow thru and plan for success. It's hard when everyone wants to feed you for your Bday. I will be happy to just maintain, we'll see!

I just gave away a whole bunch more clothes that are too big for me. I tossed them out with confidence that I will conintue to move down the scale!

So I better get Keep the mood and the food real!


  1. Woohoo for tossing the too-big clothes!!! Isn't it nice to be done with them?!?

    I love using our library's online hold system - and I totally feel like I've won something when I finally get to the top of the list of a particularly popular book!

    Glad you enjoyed 500 Days - I really liked it too. Now I just need to see J&J!

  2. I really wanted to see J&J, but our local theaters have already dumped it. Boo!

    Birthday dinners are the devil, aren't they? It's soooo tempting to go overboard.

    Yes, now that you've given away some more clothes, you've GOT to lose. Got. To. :)

  3. I get to go see Julie & Julia tomorrow, woot! I think it's a good idea to get rid of your old too big clothes. Makes it so you can't go back without having to spend more money.

  4. I got rid of all my too big clothes. It was too easy to keep them as a "what if" wardrobe. Excellent job!

  5. Oh feels good to get rid of clothes...and yet a bit scary too. No where to run back to. And hopefully, no reason to ever need to.

  6. Hooray for getting rid of the bigger clothes!

  7. we need to take up a collection and get you a video camera :)

    so that next time we can SEE the aforementioned tossing with confidence!

  8. Good for you getting rid of the clothes! Congrats! And, this month we have 3 birthdays - my daughters, mine, and my husbands. And because I love to associate celebrations with food (I already have my eye on what I want my birthday breakfast to be, and it is H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. - fried baloney biscuit sandwich. I mean, who needs THAT?!?!) I am bracing myself for some tough decisions and a lot of bike rides so I don't start to backslide!

    I know what you mean about being glad when those things are over.

    Anyway. Congrats on the clothes.

  9. WTG! Doesn't it feel so great to get rid of those clothes?!?! I love murder mysteries too! Sometimes I read while I walk on the treadmill but listening sounds like a wonderful idea. I think I'll try it!

  10. birthday dinners are the worst for letting things go down the pan, i will be having mine next weekend and i am already dreading it lol

  11. I did a big wardrobe dump this weekend too. Doesn't it feel great?!

    McButter Pants sound Irish but you must have a bunch of Italian friends if they like celebrating with food. Take it from one who knows.

  12. I want to see Julie and Julia. Glad you got to toss some old clothes. I know what you mean about up and down on the scale, I'm ready for just down *smile*. Glad someone is going to help with the car situation. It's true letting go is tough but it does seem things always seem to work themselves out. Hope you have a good Tuesday.


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