Monday, September 7, 2009

the law of averages

Ate out too much and bad choices while sitting on Saturday. Wasn't terrible but enough to give me a gain of half a pound for 2 weeks. BooWoo. I didn't weigh last week. Actually it's ok. I feel like I know I am doing the right things for the long haul. Even if I have not been perfect with the food, life wasn't perfect this week. It's ok, on to next week. Handfuls of this and a bites of that do add up! Crap effort for H20 drinking. Just do things differant next week.

I have an abscess in my mouth....whoopee! I couldn't see my dentist, but was able to see my doctor on Saturday. I am reallly nickle and diming It's almost funny by now. I can take what the universe gives me. Both bad and good!

I found another house. Actually my daughter found it. She insists this is "the one." LOL. She wants me out there pretty bad to research homes herself. Just need to get with my realtor and subit a bid. The law of averages....someone has to say yes, no?

Had a weird weekend. Took 2 Gkids instead of one, and it was anything but sweet GeGe time. They tag teamed me and I took them home before church. They were tearing it up! I just wasn't really feeling it this weekend. My jaw has been on fire, so I wasn't full of sweetness myself. It happens. Have just vegged out today. Still might go to the movie, but at this point it just seems like work to get my ass up out of this chair. Besides, Labor Day = Law & Order marathon. I live a wild life.

That's why I walk in the morning.

Keep the mood and the food real.....


  1. Well, it happens, and you did not go too far in the wrong direction. It would be tough to deal with any kids while nursing a toothache.

  2. I always think in long haul terms. Hope this house is the one for ya, good luck.

  3. Those handfuls do add up - especially with little kids around. You'll figure it out though.

    I so wish I was looking at houses right now.

  4. Sorry about your abscess - tooth pain is the worst! As for your weigh-in - yeah, sometimes a gain might happen, but half a pound is nothing in the grand scheme of things and you'll have it off and more next week.

    Take care - relax and feel better!

  5. your wild life is just fine but - the tooth absess would be better.

    i hope you find the right home for YOU. i can't wait to see where you'll set down roots (house roots not teeth! :D)

    i hope tomorrow is calm and relaxing for you and that you're without worries.

  6. Haha, party it up with that Law & Order! XD

  7. I hope you feel better soon. :)

  8. My life is just as exciting, lol!

    But seriously, I hope one of these houses comes through for you.

    Here's to a better week next week - I love your attitude about it being for the long haul. Of course, it is, it is for the rest of our (now much longer) lives!

    Mwah x

  9. Law and Order - my fav, too!
    There we go, being twins again!


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