Wednesday, September 9, 2009

making the best of a bad situation

Anyone who has been reading this blog lately will have noticed I have had a run of some "bad" luck. And I will admitt that, I too, have thought the same thing more than once. Yesterday was interesting. I came to work kicked butt on the treadclimber and decide not to put any expectations on how I thought the day should go. My son had forgotten and my daughter is a busy girl. No problem. Didn't get out to my friend's house yesterday cause I had to stay at work. Anyway, long story short, it was a pretty uneventful day. UNTILL........

My car broke down on the way to Mr. 92's house to work. This time I am thinking it might be pretty bad. I walk to Mr. 92's house, crying of course, and started to make phone calls. Within an hour my SIL and my daughter were there to help me tow the car. With 4 kids from 30 miles away. My son then tells me that he INSISTS that I take his car and he will ride the bike to work. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Here's the thing. Lots of hard things have been happening to me, in the best possible way. Does that make sense? I could have broke down driving out to my friend's on the interstate. Backing up rush hour traffic. Been there, done that. I broke down on a quite street verily close to home. When the battery went out or I needed new tires, I was able to pay for them by using an account I had forgotten I had. When I had an abccess over the weekend, the dentist was out of the office, but my doctor was able to see me, on SATURDAY on a holiday weekend. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

I don't know what will happen with my car. I live fairly close and can walk or ride a bike to work till I can get the car fixed. I am going to reamin positive. Things do have a way of working out. I am learning alot about myself lately. I can do hard things!

So can you. I read about you doing great, awesome, wonderful, funny, touching, heartfelt and HARD things every single day. I rely on all of your blogs, your comments or suggestions. For cheering me up or cheering me on, whatever the case may be. Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes. I'll say it again. You've got my heart.



  1. so they still didnt remember??? man alive i would buy a fricking cake and ice "happy belated birthday to me" on it and leave it on the counter, ugh.

    I can totally relate on the car thing- mine is still off road and has been that way for like 5 months. pah.

  2. I totally ment that they were being sweet. They remembered...and they came to my rescue, plus my son took me out to dinner!

    No cake....ok one small peice. A co-worker baked it. I had one small peice and left it at the school.

  3. Whoooooopsy...didn't read your last post so i just now realized its your bday. Happy Belated Birthday!!! You know maybe your car broke down so you'd have to ride the bike to work....and get more exercise along with your wonderful walking...hmmm.. :) I love the way your able to remain upbeat i'm afraid i'd be pulling my hair out! Keep on keeping on..... (((HUGS))) Jinx!

  4. There is a saying, when it rains it pours. You are keeping a positive attitude, that's great.

    We have had a run of things too.Clogged toilet, bad smoke alarm, making them all go off, sprinkler system not working correctly, and last night I found out I am in charge of finding a carerer at the last minute for a big art event I am involved on Saturday.
    There's other little things, but the key is to keep a positive attitude.

  5. Attitude is the key to so many things and it sounds like you have the right one.

  6. I am awestruck by your ability to remain positive. I'd have been a puddle in the corner somewhere.

    You are a tower of strength.

  7. Now that's a gratitude post if I ever saw one! Hope your car has a cheap and easy fix - crossing my fingers for you.

    I want to thank you for writing what you did about my run - I still can't believe I did it, and yes, I get teary when I really think about it, too!

  8. I'm behind on blog reading, so Happy Belated Birthday!!

    I'm so sorry about your car, but you are so right about the positive spin. Bravo for looking to the brighter side instead of wallowing in the dark.

    I hope you have a week full of positives - you def. deserve it. :)

    Best wishes,

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!
    I hope your week gets much better.

  10. I love you too woman *big smile*. You did make me laugh too with your comment at least about not showering in the backyard or going on the luggable loo lol. We are so much alike with always trying to think of the positives in the negatives. I say that's the best way to live though always trying to find sunshine in the rain *smile*. I'm glad the kids remembered and everyone came to your rescue, you deserve to be rescued. Glad someone got you a cake too and your son took you out. You have my heart to *big big hug*.

  11. We can do hard things!
    We CAN!
    *and we are*

  12. You have an amazing ability to find the silver lining! How inspiring!!!

    I was going to say I hope everything works out with the car...but now I know that it will. =)

  13. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!

    Sorry about your car - my daughter had a flat yesterday and I had to go on YouTube to see how to change a flat!


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