Monday, September 28, 2009

My Friend Flo

I walked into the office ( just a house, really) this morning and someone had turned the air down to "freeze your ass off" cold! BRRR. My toes are like ice! I didn't ride the bike this morning. I was trying to figure out some way to get it home after work without being a pain in someone's rear, and it just wasn't happening. The mornings are great, the afternoons are still freaking hot...106 today. So I added an extra mile to my walk this morning. Still am hoping that i will get a short ride in this evening. I am realistic though, I know that I peter out after about 5 pm. I go to bed and wake up very early. Not even cooling off by 5pm.....sigh.

I rode about 12 miles yesterday morning round trip. I went to the AA meeting where I got sober. It's a 6:30 am meeting. Anybody that will get to a AA meeting that early is serious about recovery. Anyway, I saw lots of old friends. Missed alot of friends too. Some people have gone back out, some have passed, some are in prison. Some people didn't even recognize me.

I got alittle teary riding home. When I 1st arrived to AA I had an 82 year old friend, her name was Florence, that took me under her wing and helped me that 1st long year of recovery. She had over 30 years sober. I called that woman everyday...every single day. She was my angel. She passed in my 3rd year of recovery. After she died I didn't go to as many meeting anymore. I have replaced the meeting with church. I enjoyed it so much yesterday morning I think I will try to hit that meeting more often. I went away with a really good feeling.

Church was awesome and over by noon! lol. I just kind of organized some drawers and planted flowers in pots for the patio. Napped and just had a relaxing day.

At some point over the weekend I was out with the Gkids. The weekend went so fast I can't rememeber if it was Friday or Saturday night. I'm getting old. My daughter made some DELISH turkey burgers.....yummy!

Didn't really want to come to work today. Back to being by myself and doing the clean up refiling from all the stuff I had to pull for the auditors last week. Weigh in tonight. I have no clue what will happen.

Had NVS....I was able to wear a cute skirt that I got at the clothing exchange a couple of months ago to church Sunday. It wasn't uncomfortable either! Couldn't even zip it up when I got it it. So go me.

Just going to try to put together a good day today. Some days you feel more more then others. Today is an other day...not feeling it, but that's ok. Hell, it's only 8 AM, things could

Keep the mood and the food real.


  1. Your ride yesterday was great. 12 miles!! And you can wear your new skirt! Good for you.
    I dont know much about AA. I have a brother that goes to meetings daily. It sure has helped him a lot over the years.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Nice going on the NSV. And what a thoughtful remembrance of your friend Flo. It's hard to lose someone so important in your life like that.

  3. wow 6.30!!??? no kidding you would need to be serious to go to that meeting!

    go you on the NSV, thats awesome news

  4. Good deal getting back to your meeting - I think it's great that you are going to drop in more often...think of all you can share that will help others, especially newcomers. Proud of you, Dana!

    I can bike in the 90's no problem, but when it's over 100, I'm toast - hopefully your evenings will cool down so you can keep riding to work.

    Love that you can zip the skirt - those NSV's are the best!!!

  5. WOW! A 12 mile ride....that's terrific! You are such an inspiration for those of us just beginning our journey to health and happiness! I hope things were a little brighter for you today! Hang in there! We're all pulling for you!

  6. Way to go on your bike ride sounds like you had a great weekend. Cool that you went to the meeting and saw some old friends and also remembered your fond feelings for Flo. I've always said people come into our lives when we need them. Great that you fit into that skirt.

  7. That bike ride sounds amazing! Great job. I think it's so nice that you had some remembering time with your old friends.

  8. A 12 mile ride at that hour of the morning? That's some STRONG recovery. You've got a ton of stuff to be proud of, Dana. I know I am proud to call you a friend.

  9. I don't think I have ever rode 12 miles anywhere Dana. You are inspiring in many many ways my dear!

  10. Love to hear that you enjoyed your meeting!!! They're really food for the soul aren't they?

    Congrats on that awesome NSV!

  11. Well, sounds like lovely Flo, got fast tracked to heaven, how wonderful what she did and I bet you do the same for others, too, big kind-hearted person that you are.

    Well done on the amazing bike rides and the NSV - woo-hoo!

  12. thats a BIG NSV.
    DietGirl and I are going to start collecting them for SUCCESS SHOUTOUTS on the podcast---I hope you'll submit some when we do,

  13. love the NSV babes!
    really chuffed for you. seriously 12 miles? kudos. sounding all positive.

    sorry to hear about Florence. <3

    where did the weekend go? seriously. i cant believe its almost october either. and where is my email missus? hmmm?


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