Friday, September 18, 2009

too many tootsies!

Was going to post my bike picture this morning, but my computer is acting stupid. Oh well! Getting ready to walk out the door ride the bike to work. Then I will walk on the treadmill after I get to work. I am glad it's Friday, but not really looking forward to the weekend. Had a tootsie roll/licorice free for all last night. Ick! I was sick the rest of the night.

So I had best have some plans to stay busy or I am afraid I am gearing up for a weekend pig out. I want to hike and do some bike riding. It still gets up to 100 degrees during the day, so maybe another movie in the afternoon this weekend. Sunday is church. My church starts at 9 am this year. I love early church!

The car might be fixed today. Not getting my hopes up. I think even after I get the car back I am going to continue to ride the bike as long as I can. Going to get a food list together and hit the food store as well. That is going to crucial to my success this weekend. I am looking to try out those flatbread pizzas I hear people rave about. I need to shake up my food for sure. I am going to have to break down and learn to cook. I keep threatening

Hoping to get out to see the Gkids as well. I miss those little chipmunks!

Make this a successful weekend for yourself as well. Plan ahead for your own success. Tell me your weekend plans. Gimme some good ideas!

Keep the mood and the food real! Be successful!


  1. I'm trying to stay away from the "swine flu" - my desire to pig out :-) And you will, too. You've got a plan in place.

    I'm going to try my hand at making some bath salts. It will be fun, cheap and mostly use ingredients I have on hand. I'm feeling the need to be somewhat creative and I can do this without turning back into that person who used to prowl the aisles at Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

  2. This weekend we are going to work on our yard. It's been raining but we are hoping for a little bit of a break so we can get it ready for fall/winter. I hate yard work so it's a labor of love for me. (Love for my hubby!)

  3. Have a terrific weekend Dana! As for me, I'm going to do a walk for Alzheimers. Of course I'm hoping on progress on the bathroom too *smile*. Maybe some laundry and house work and cooking too.

  4. I'm working, and hoping to get in a couple of bike rides, if the weather cooperates (we've had a lot of rain lately). Mostly I just want to read my library books before they become overdue! Hope you have a great weekend, Dana!

  5. i have secret birthday weekend plans lol.
    anything could happen.

    i know staying on track wont happen... bah.
    goodluck with yours <3

  6. Cooking is fun, I promise! For a while I was intimidated by it and never thought I'd be a good cook, but then I started watching massive amounts of Food Network, and they made it look like a lot of fun, and it really is. Gives you a sense of accomplishment knowing you can take a bunch of ingredients that don't do much on their own, and combine them to make something delicious (and nutritious). Plus, eating out less, or just eating less processed foods, is SO much better for you.


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