Tuesday, September 29, 2009

tootsie roll please.....

Without the wrapper it looks alot like poo. Sorry!

When I was asking people to help me describe it, everyone said to say it's chocolatey chewy almost like taffy, not as sweet. The ones I buy are half this size and come in a bag of I'd guess 30 or so. I hope this has satified all those from the UK who have no idea what a tootsie roll is. You probably are still wondering what all the fuss is about. I can't eplain the hold they have on me....lol

Another evil thing about them is that they are small. They lie to me and say...just one isn't going to kill you. All the kids are doing it..look how small I am....I don't really count...

I will admit it....I ate the damn thing right after I snapped the pic. It was such a soft one. The softer they are the better they are....sigh.

Tomorow is another day


  1. They LOOK like poo, but that's only to mock your insides because when you eat a bag of them you can NO LONGER poo. Don't forget.

  2. Hubman loves tootsie rolls. My chocolate delight is KitKat bars. With Halloween coming up, I'm going to have a hard time refusing those fun size bars. UGH!!

  3. **shields eyes**

    I love those.

    and candy corn.

    Le sigh :)

  4. See now you have me wanting a tootsie roll, darn you Dana lol.


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