Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thanks Anonymous

Ever get the feeling that you are so busy planning your next move that you forget what you're doing?? Well that's how my day was yesterday. I was really all over the place. I felt like I ran around all day doing nothing. Certainly not a bad day, just pressing. I was so scattered that I didn't get my walk in or a shower...ick! It feels good to have both already done this morning.
Then I couldn't sleep last night because I am excited. I get "little kid" excited about seeing my sisters. I have one sister that lives in Utah and another that lives in Japan. Each year my dad's side of family has an all girl cousins party. They are so fun! We laugh till we pee our pants, well almost. This year I get to go and my sister in Utah and I are lobbying my sister in Japan to do something crazy and fly in for the party. Just the thought makes me excited. I talked to her yesterday. She didn't say "Are you Crazy". So there is hope! The picture is of my sisters and I at Mom and Dad's grave two summers ago. Such a pretty little cemetery. I love my Sisters!
Not really sure what the weekend will bring. I have felt really tired the past couple of days...I think TCB thinking is because of the full moon. Really! My daughter needs a sitter tonight, or I might just go to the movies with them and let my son watch the girls. The boys are getting a special night out. The youngest quit sucking his thumb, so there will be payoffs involved....something called a Ben 10 He is really proud that he is a big boy now. I must food shop as well. Boring weekend, the best kind.
Thank you to the sweet anonymous person who told me about my spelling. How funny I didn't notice either spell error. You guys are sweet, it has taken 7 months for someone to say anything to
Keep the mood and the food real....stay in the moment ( note to self )


  1. I so hope your sister will be able to make the trip!

    Here's to the boring weekend! Enjoy your time.

  2. Crossing my fingers that your sister can come - I'm excited for you!

  3. I hope you get to see both sisters that would be a nice time! :)

    My BF corrects my spelling and grammar on my blog AFTER the fact that its been online for days...GEE THX! lol Im not a professional writer, nor do I claim to be the greatest typer! lol Who cares about a few misspelled words...not me!

  4. I love boring weekends.

    I REALLY hope your sister from Japan will meet up with you both.

    you are such a sweetie ... it shows in all your posts.

  5. Huh, nobody invited the sister from Scotland over! LOL, seriously how fabulous if your sister in Japan made it!

    I think the moon is giving me TCB too :(

  6. *high fives* to boring weekends :D

    i didnt even notice those typos... lol

    oh wow. i hope all you gals get together. it sounds like super fun.

    fitcetera is right. <3 you are such a sweetie.

  7. Aww, it's sweet that you love your sisters so much and that you guys get along so well.

    I pretty much always notice spelling errors but have learned that some people get offended when they're pointed out. So I just don't bother.

  8. I actually thought you meant to spell it "ablity" - it's a funny play on words.

  9. I figured it was some sort of inside joke or play on words. :)

    How cool that would be if both your sisters are able to be there!!

    Have a great weekend,

  10. I have seen spelling errors on other blogs but hesitated to comment about it because I didn't want to offend anyone.

    Hope you ALL can get together!! Would be wonderful if she could make it in from Japan.

  11. Praying that the sis from Japan makes it to the party....have a fabulous weekend! :)

  12. I really thought it was that way on purpose!!

  13. uh oh.
    now Im thinking I should proof read my posts!!
    and hope it was a FAB weekend for you.

  14. Hi there - just checking in - and checking my own spelling know me with my "words!"
    Thinking of you

  15. Hey Dana! I gave you an award on Sunday. Please accept it and proudly wear it on your blog. No pressure to play along... just wanted you to have it :D

  16. I have 2 older sisters and can understand that excited feeling. We also get together from time to time and 'visit' our parents' graves. We sometimes have a little picnic too. Hope both sisters are able to make it.


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