Tuesday, October 27, 2009

enjoy peace

Well here is a picture of all the girls. Trying to get all of us to look and smile at the same time was out of the question. We had loads of fun. We shopped and played games and just hung out. I laughed, ALOT! Food was good, weigh in is tonight so we'll see how good I really was....lol. Didn't buy anything new over the weekend. Did try on some jeans, but nothing that I couldn't live without. So I went without.

I have been good about keeping up with my walks. Today I walked and then rode the bike to work. It was actually cold! I can't wait...it's suppose to rain here tomorrow and be very cold. LOVE me some weather! Cause we don't really get alot of it.

I really don't have no much to say today. Kind of trying to just catch up on blogs and work. I am still feeling pretty good. Nothing earth shattering going right this minute. So I will enjoy the peace.

Keep the mood and the food real.....


  1. Beautiful family, Dana. You all look very happy. And gorgeous!

  2. Love the pics....and there's a lot to be said for peace. :)

  3. Great pic! You have a lovely family.

    Peace? You got peace?! Can I come over? hehehe

  4. Love the pigtails! :D

    Great photo of the girls, Dana. Good to hear you had FUN.

    and way to go on the walks and biking.

    I love weather too. Cool here today, cloudy, chance of rain. A perfect fall day :)

    I'm happy that you have some PEACE.

  5. I'm all for some peace *smile*. I can send some rain your way if you like weather lol. I'd like to go for some sunshine and warm temps.

  6. Love this beautiful family photo. Everyone looks so happy!

  7. I love that post, you look so happy amongst your girls:)

    I love your peace.

    Thank you for your very kind words, they mean a lot to me.



  8. Another fabulous picture - you all look so happy!

    Enjoy the peace (and good luck for weigh in tonight)!

  9. Beautiful family! Don't you just love it! So glad that you are enjoying the peace and doing so well.

  10. Great Pic- everyone looks so happy! :) Good luck at WI! :)

  11. Great pic! I love the piggy tails and the glazed over look in the little one on the left. 'Mmm, nummy nummy sippy cup' =D

    Great jog for riding your bike to work. I hope the weather keeps allowing you to do that. Wish I could. Too hot down here. I'd be a puddle by the time I got to work. But if I could just figure out a way to ride my bike home from work...

  12. love the photos and the sentiment of just embracing and enjoying the PEACE.

  13. gorgeous picture girly. <3

    sounding positive. i like it. keep it up. *nods* im feeling positive too. woot.

    peace out!


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