Wednesday, October 14, 2009

get out there

Today has been busy. It actually started yesterday. I decided to meet my daughter and the Gkids at the park for a picnic, then took the oldest and the youngest home for a sleep over. Worked alittle after getting them dropped off this morning. Visited both my old people. I have just finished doing alittle cleaning. I am now on the way to pick up another Gkid for another sleep over. I have been too busy to eat or feel all selfish. It's working!

Feeling better, I always do. Didn't walk this morning. Didn't plan ahead very well this morning. Will do better tomorrw. Just trying to stay in the moment and enjoy life. Food has been pretty good though. Since I missed a couple of days already this week walking, I am trying to keep the food under control. Doing pretty good. Water is no good. Will try much harder!

I have not been able to read alot of blogs the past couple of days. It does feel good though to out and doing things, instead of reading about Sometimes it makes me nervous to sit at the computer for too long. Especially when I am not at

Keep the mood and the food real....get out there!


  1. Being busy is a good thing, sometimes. Glad you enjoyed your gkids! Have fun at tonight's sleepover....

  2. Soemtimes we just need to get out. Too much time in front of the screen, even with your flog pals can be consuming. I think it is good you are getting out more.

  3. Glad you're feeling better. Sounds like a great time with the daughter and grandkids.

  4. Glad you had such a good day and are feeling better - and I am amazed at the energy you have with the Gkids! I'm sure they are so happy to have a Grandma like you who does so much with them.

  5. Glad you are better today and enjoying life and gkids! What a blessing.

    Love the phrase - get out there! Very sound advice.

  6. You Go Girl..
    Grandkids over blogging everytime for me.
    Real life has got to come first, I love my Blogland Buddies but we have to enjoy family and friends and especially GRANDKIDS!!



  7. Being a busy is good!
    I like hearing you feel better and that your food is good.

    I need to try harder with my water too. We can do it, girly.

    i hear you about the blogging thing. i am trying to live, do and blog. <3

  8. I always need a kick in the pants to get out there. Once I'm there, I'm good, but especially once it gets cold I can become very hermity and not leave the house for days.

    You'd think, spending my entire life in MI, that I could handle the seasons. But now that I'm in NC, any time the weather drops below 60 degrees I just sit inside and shiver. Brrr. Must be because I'm losing all my insulation with this dieting business!

  9. Im following your lead for the rest of the week: LIVING NOT READING ABOUT OTHERS LIVING LIVES :)


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