Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I've lost 62 lbs or where did my boobs go

I am seriously not kidding. I just went and spent money on new bras just a short time ago. The poor girls things are swimming in the one I have on. I guess I need to go shopping. I have to go jeans shopping too. The ones that were given to me are very wide leg and not really my style. I didn't wear bell bottoms in the 70's...I swear somebody has enough room to live under one pant leg. I am certainly not complaining. Although TCB is trying to mess with my body image today. Why I am I my own worst critic at times. I can feel lighter, then look in the mirror and only see fat......I just don't believe what I see anymore.

I was sore this morning. My back and hips. I drove to work, but walked as always. It was chilly this morning and I needed a jacket. I just really didn't want to walk this morning. That rarely happens. I am going to have to watch myself. Self Sabotage is my speciality. I am extra hungry this morning too. So I am glad I brought that bag of watermelon.

Intention today is to minimize damage. I have given myself permission to eat as many fruits and veggies as I want. Mr. 92 gave me a bag of soft rolls yesterday. Darn things. I had 2 last night, no butter. They are going in the garbage today. Told my kid to take what he wanted, hide them, then throw the bag away. I am taking no chances.

I am so close to onnederland. I don't let myself really think about the number. Or get to worked up about it. It will happen when it happens. I have been doing this long enough now, and reading enough blogs to know that the body is fickle. You can do everything right and not loose. I can control ( there's that word) the out come to some extent, but really the body is going to do what it does. I know that if I just keep doing the next right thing I will get results.

Not to mention the fact that doing the next right thing food wise encourages me to have self control about other things in my life. Getting thinner is not solving all my problems, but it does give me confidence to face them. Confidence that I can trust myself to do hard things. It's a damn good feeling.

Keep the mood and food real. Trust yourself to do hard things


  1. LOL I didnt have that boob problem cuz I didnt have bobbies to being with :( booo lol

    Im with you on who I see in the mirror...so when will that change? I think its just that we are not used to the NEW people we have become. I hope that fat girl stops looking at me. lol

  2. I misspelled BOOBIES! LOL oopss sorry! HAHA

  3. I have gone from a 40DD to a 36D, so I know about the swimming thing. hehehe

    You better not self sabotage yourself this close to Onederland. I'll have to hunt you down and kick your ass!

    Keep moving and eat smart, you hear? ;)

  4. You'll do fine. I hear ya on the boob thing. I start losing weight from the top down. It's a long time before the loss starts showing up in the butt/thigh area. By that time, I'm damn near flat chested. As I told Karen, I've gone from a 40D to a 40L. Thelma and Louise have deflated. But I just roll 'em up, stuff 'em in a bra and move on!

    Stay in the moment, be where your butt is and it will all work itself out. And in the mean time, throw away those damned rolls. They are hand grenades!

  5. I soooo know what you mean on the boob thing lol. Roxie cracked me up, it sounded so much like mine lol.

    I loved where you said:

    "Getting thinner is not solving all my problems, but it does give me confidence to face them. Confidence that I can trust myself to do hard things."

    This really was it for me, giving myself empowerment to know I could do anything I put my mind too. Way to go woman on all your success, you are doing terrific.

  6. Ohh yeah, the self control in the eating arena really does give us self confidence in the rest of my life!!! I just have to keep reminding myself of this!

  7. I have went from an overflowing 36C to a still too big 36B. I really could wear the 36A, but I can't bring myself to buy an A cup. I am kind of missing the bigger girls. I had to buy a padded bra not too long ago!

  8. I know what you mean on feeling good and then looking in the mirror and being unhappy. Go get yourself a couple of bras that fit (I'm jealous that your boobs have shrunk - mine barely did) and a couple of pairs of jeans that you LOVE - you need to feel confident at this point in your journey down the scale, and clothes really do help.

    I gave myself permission to eat unlimited fruits and veggies (well, not starchy veggies) and I've continued to lose weight, so I'm glad to see that you are doing the same. Makes not eating those rolls easier when you can have as much fruit as you want.

    You are doing so wonderful with your diet and exercise - I'm really proud of you, Dana!

  9. Oh i laughed when i read this as i definitely need new bras as well!!Glad it's not just me :)

  10. I have plenty of extra boobage if you want some. But seriously - what a great problem to have. Congrats on all the new (smaller!!) sizes. I'm close to onederland too and feel like I'm losing my grip. When you get there throw me a line.

  11. I love this post ... for everything.
    Boobage loss is traumatic for me ... I love my girls :D

    I don't think I've ever heard of anybody getting fat on eating too many fruits and veggies. I think that's a good strategy. Good way to keep hydrated too.

    shhhhh ... I'll try to be quiet but OMG! I can't wait to see you get to 199!!! so close ... YOU CAN DO THIS *Easy* THING!

  12. *doesn't have boobs*

    I'm glad this journey is leading you to have greater self confidence. You seem like a great person, someone who should be confident in herself.

  13. Yeah, the boobs are always the first thing to go. Except with mine, the cysts make them expand again. I'll probably have to get a smaller bra after I get the cysts aspirated! ;-) You are doing wonderfully. You'll be in onederland before you know it. I was agonizingly slow to get there as well. Just keep making healthy choices.

  14. i dont want my boobs to go. i havent lost enough weight yet to start worrying about those yet...

    lol the bit about the pant legs made me giggle. good on the soft rolls girly. liking that attitude.

    love that last paragraph

  15. Saw your comment on Big Mama's blog and your name grabbed my attention, so I had to come on over and check your blog out!

    Try a sports bra. I bought one by accident once, and have never been sorry. I am not sporty, so I never thought to buy one before but man, it really reduces the "swimming" or rather the "swinging"...

  16. Girl, I feel you pain! I guess it's just the price we pay for the rest of our body looking better! Hooray for padded bras. :)

  17. Yup, my boobs went away too when I lost weight. I used to be a 40DD and now I'm a 38C. Hub is not too happy about this one aspect of my losing weight (he loves everything else of course, but he's a man), but I much prefer being smaller on top!


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