Saturday, October 24, 2009

liar liar pants on fire

You know it's going to be a interesting day when you cough so hard you pee your pants (don't act like it's never happened to you) on your morning walk. Then you come home and get in the shower get out, dry off, get dressed, then take your hair out of the towel to realize that you never rinsed out the conditioner. Hit rewind! It was one of those days when simple things were hard.

I even got caught telling an untruth. Something stupid, really. Mostly it was just so embrassing. Why do I do that sometimes. Why?? I want people to like me, usually. I had a pit in my stomach most of the day after that. I used to be an excellent liar, not so much since I got Once I got to my daughter's I started to unwind then felt exhausted. It turned out to be a good day, and I got thru it intact food wise.

My daughter made really good turkey burgers. Then I had salad. I was so busy yesterday I didn't get a chance to eat. Now that never happens. I make time to Got my walk in early yesterday morning. Thinking I am going to try to clean my house before I get out the door to walk this morning. It is so nice in the mornings, and this morning I can wait till later to head out the door. After it gets light.

My daughter and niece are all about shopping this weekend. Not my most fun thing to do, but I want to be where the action is this weekend. Besides maybe they can help me pick out a pair of jeans for my sister's weekend. I want to get some ankle boots as well. I have never owned a pair of them. Anyway, we'll see. I talk like I have money to spend on such things. I make myself laugh!

Hope the weekend is everything you want it to be!

Keep the mood and the food real.


  1. You just keep cracking me up. Sounds like maybe you need to catch up on some sleep.

    Shopping can be when you have money, otherwise it is like torture.

    Live it up anyway! Pretend you have money. My mom loves to buy stuff and then take it back. I think it is a sickness.

  2. I hope you find some killer ankle boots!! You need something good after the morning you had. I have a box of feminine hygene products (Kotex) in my drawer for when I get the coughs. Happens every time.

  3. Laughing, coughing, sneezing, all danger areas to me, LOL!

    Love that you fessed up to telling a wee fib - bet you weren't that good before you were sober, you just thought you were, lol!

    Hope you find some darling ankle boots at a bargain price.

    Well done on your exercising too, even if you now have extra laundry to do.

  4. and you came here to tell us all.
    isn't that wonderful?

    Have a fantastic pee-free weekend, D! (well, just not in your pants)

    and yes I can relate to the p and conditioner. thank you for sharing. :D

  5. Ankle boots are sweet. I hope you find some nice ones.

  6. Yep, I pee my pants sometimes lol. Have a good time shopping and good luck with finding ankle boots and some sexy jeans *smile*.

  7. I have had a few of those days myself Dana. Happens to me the most from laughing ;-)

  8. oh dear not a good day!!

    im intrigued to your untruth though.... and who caught you out. Its all in the details lol

  9. shopping is sucky. booooo. ive never owned boots either. stupid fat calves! i really fancy turkey burgers now...

    i am the worst liar ever.

  10. lol ... yes, it happens to me, too, sometimes, and I do Kegels all the time and have a strong pelvic floor!

    I woke up in brain fog this morning, too. Hope you're feeling better today!

  11. The very reason I refuse to do jumping jacks!

    Hope you hit the ankle-boot treasure test.

    Take good care.

    Oh, and as for the Indian food - I would go to a lunch buffet. They are all going to have rice on the menu, and then just add a few spoonfuls of this and that and try it all. I don't find any of it too spicy, just different spices than we are traditionally used to. Oh, and if you are like me, you will fall in love with the flat bread. I believe I first fell in love with a spinach dish - alas, I can't remember the name of it. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  12. good lord you make me laugh :) and wish I had nary a PEECLUE what you were talking about...but I totally do :)

  13. Oh I must rewind about 10 times a day. Talk about your brain freeze!


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