Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The List

Here are the questions from the Over the Top Award from yesterday. Here we go.....

1. Where is your cell phone- on the desk in front of me
2. Your hair- getting thin
3. Your mother- missed
4. Your father - missed
5. Your favorite food - not really anything is my fave. I like it all!
6. Dream last night - in Macom, Georigia with Scout and Boo Radley ( I am rereading to Kill a Mockingbird )
7. Favorite drink- water
8. your dream/goal- peace.
9. What room are you in- office
10. your hobby - reading
11. Your fear - not living up to my full potential
12 Where do you want to be in 6 years- near family
13. Where were you last night - watching the Vikings beat the Packers
14. Something you are not- quiet. I have been told I am a loud person.
15. Muffin? - no opinion
16. Wish list item - A house of my own
17. Where did you grow up -Pleasant Grove Utah
18. Last thing you did - answered the phone
19. What are you wearing - jeans and a t shirt
20. your tv - old
21. your pets -none
22. Freinds - many
23. Your life - full
24. Your mood - kind of bored
25. Missing someone - sisters
26. Vehicle - costly
27. Something your not wearing - make up. I never wear make up
28. Favorite Store - old navy (they have vanity sizes there..lol)
29. Favorite color - blue
30. Last time you cried - what time is it
31. Last time you laughed - again, what time is it
32. Best Friend - daughter
33. one place I go to over and over - food store lol
34. Person who emails me regularly - the erectile dysfuntion guy....whoever he is
35. Favorite place to eat - I like em all........

Just like I enjoy all the bloggers I follow, see list!!


  1. That was a good list. I havent read To Kill a Mockingbird in years. That is a great book. I bet I could find it if I looked. I cant get rid of great books like that because I like to reread them every so often.

  2. Haha, the ED guy emails you often eh? I get the viagra ads all the time.

  3. did you read mine? hhmm? hmm? :P

    good stuff to know.

  4. To kill a mockingbird is actually my favorite book. I read it every five years or so because it speaks to you differently at different stages in your life.
    I liked your list.

  5. TOO FREAKIN FUNNY about the ED guy.
    I keep learning how wealthy I am...if I send my bank acct info to nigeria!

  6. I love getting to know you :) this is a great list. Sorry for not checking up often lately. Been busy. But thanks for your comments...Keep it up. 63 lbs that is awesome!

  7. I'm catching up.....62 lbs?????!!!!!! Soooo jealous girl!!! No, really, that is completely awesome....you're doing just fantastic! And I love the list!

  8. Hey, the ED guy emails me TOO all the time. Damn, I thought I was special to him. Oh well.

  9. I never get viagra ads.
    Wonder why?
    Cool list, by the way.


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