Friday, October 30, 2009

more Gkid bragging...sorry

Here are my 2 Gdaughters in their Halloween costumes. A busy bee ( fits her personality. and a fairy princess, again very fitting) Stinkin cute girls, but then I may alittle prejudice. Looking forward to posting pics of the Gsons over the weekend. Lots of trick or treating to be done.
I am really lucky that I don't like candy ( expect of tootsie rolls, duh ) So this shouldn't be big a temptation. Yesterday I ate half a sugar cookie and felt sick. Frosting....YICK!
I want to thank everyone that left me an uplifting comment yesterday. When I post stuff like that I don't feel very inspirational. I feel very much in self preservation mode. I don't really like to post about my drug addiction, but sometimes when you say it aloud, you can really hear how stupid an idea it really would have been. Besides, it releases the hold it has on me. You're as sick as what you keep secret! I haven't had that strong of an urge for along time. Nice to know I still know what to do to stay on the course I have set for myself.
Hoping everyone has a Happy Halloween........stay away from that candy.
Keep the mood and the food what's best for you


  1. What cute little girls!!! Can't wait to see more pictures. "Your as sick as what you keep secret" that sure hit home with me, very true though. Hope you have a great time with the kids.

  2. Love that their costumes fit their personalities - the girls are such cuties!

    One of the bags of Halloween candy that I bought has Tootsie Rolls in it and I thought of you, lol!

  3. Never apologize for such cuteness! They are darling..

    Happy Halloween - have a wonderful weekend. BTW, how was the Indian food?

  4. Oh, they are totally adorable. No doubt about that.

  5. don't apologize!! They are adorable.

  6. They are soo cute. Happy Halloween!

  7. "stinkin' cute" for REALS!

    Have lots of fun tomorrow night.
    Happy Halloween!

  8. no sorrys allowed for posting those pics- HOW CUTE!!!! :)

  9. If I had gkids that adorable I'd be bragging too.

  10. what beautiful little kidlets, missus! no wonder you're bragging!

    im not a big candy person either. ive managed to stay away from it. yay.

    hope you rocked halloween.


    I love littles in costume.


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