Friday, November 27, 2009

freak flag

Thanksgiving was interesting. I go to the Turkey Trot and found they only had 1 or 2 mile walks and a 10k run. My friend was signed up to do the 2...I thought I was going to do a 4 mile walk. I ended up up just doing the 2 mile. It was fun, but next time I want to plan ahead and do a least a half marathon. Not run, but walk it. Do something hard. I could do it!

The dinner part of the day was weird. My daughter's stove and burner broke down. Luckily her neighbor was out of town and she was able to use hers. Daughter, cool as a cucumber, not flustered. Then her half brother that was driving from Utah broke down in Vegas, the day before. Times were changed and assumptions were made and I thought they were quite a thoughtless bunch. My little family ate at 3, as planned. The rest of her family showed up after all the food was put way. She is still cool as a cucumber. I wanted to tell them what I thought. Instead I made up a reason to go home. She hosted another dinner. I was dead tired anyway. That way a a Happy Thanksgiving was had by all.

My daughter and the SIL love to do the wait on line at the butt crack of dawn to get the good deals. I knew that he really loved her when he was willing to wait all night for a bargain.....they are a truly a match made in heaven. My son spent the night and I went out and watched the kids while they slept all day. The kids were cracking me up. Kids really do say the darnest things.

TMI ALERT! I figured out why I was a ravenous bitch last week. I haven't my period since the middle of June...until this morning. I am so glad I don't have to do that every month still. That's a BLESSING and really something to be grateful I really thought I was loosing it. I am glad there is a physical reason for my freak flag to be flying! So glad I just waited for things to cycle back around. My food craving are back to managable today.

Going to try to and make it to a before noon movie tomorrow. I want to see Pirate Radio. There is something I find very sexy about Phillip Seymore Hoffman. I am weird......I think Steven Tyler is sexy as well. I am a weird old lady.

I had a great phone call with my sister today. We laughed like crazy. She has a great laugh. I love her. She is thinking about moving to New Jersey. She tells me this out of no where today. People need to remember how their decisions are going to effect me. I mean....seriously! She reminded me how her moving would give me somewhere new to visit. Ok, say more things like that! I slowly coming around to the idea. What ever makes her and her sweet "old" hubs happy. They make a great couple as well. A match made in heaven, they just took the long way around getting to each other.

Will posts some pics when I get my camera back from my kid. Hope that everyone's day was as blessed as mine. I say bring on Christmas......Thanksgiving was a piece of cake!

Keep the mood and food real....let your freak flag fly! appropriately of course, that's the mom in me coming out.


  1. I can't stand when plans change at the drop of a hat.
    Sorry your run wasn't all you thought it would be.

  2. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, huh? Did you see Doubt? Good movie.

  3. Oh, well 2 miles is better than vegging in front of the TV! 10K next year then?

    I am so glad you had a great day and that is a comfort to know you coped - we will both cope at Christmas then - woo-hoo!

    Am with you, twin sister, on the TMI thing - so funny, my last one was also June - when will it end for good??

    Hugs x

  4. It's nice to see your children able to handle things. My daughter is handling some things right now; that I don't know if I would have the grace to do so.

  5. <£ puffy heart love that first paragraph. love that you wanted to do more!

    lol steven tyler sexy? you really are weird. that freak flag is flying high!

    I say bring on Christmas......Thanksgiving was a piece of cake! ARE YOU SERIOUS? christmas has me shaking in my odd socks!

  6. Will fly that freak flag when I can. I don't know how you Americans manage two major holidays in one month! Talk about brutal :)


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