Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A perfect day?!

I've been at a dead run all day. I can honestly say that this was an almost perfect day. I did everything that I felt was important. I walked the entire 3 miles this morning. Truth be told I have been only doing 2.5 lately. Had a great conversation with my walking buddy. Talking about deep stuff. I worked hard. Visited both of my old people....did I say that I love those old farts. Had lunch with my co-worker/best friend and my son. Then got my hairs cut. Then went out to see my Gkids and had dinnner with my daughter's family. Perfect day.

Even talked to both my sisters. We are all excited. I am wearing myself out tonight because if I don't I will be up at 2:30, like I was this morning. Staying up very late for Hell, I've turned into an old fart.

The scale rewarded my half assed effort last week with a 1.5 lb gain. I am at an even 204 lbs. I am ok with it. I KNOW that I have been saying "I'm ok with it" too much lately. I got on my daughter's scale tonight and it said an even 200 lbs. Too bad that's not the "official" I was able to put on a pair of jeans that last week wearing them was out of the I wore them to work! Go figure.

I have thought more about clothes in the past week then I have in a year. CRAZY. It's! I did get my pants hemmed and will be wearing the cowboy boots. Pictures to follow.

I read Roxie's post 1st thing....LOVED IT. Thought about it and about my own life all day. Where do I want to go?? What's my life goals?? I will tell you when I figure it that Her post is TOTALLY worth the read. Check out my blog roll she's Gravel and Rust.

Going to bed now. Good and tired. Hope you had a perfect day as well.

Keep the mood and the food real.


  1. Here's to many more perfect days, going to bed with that feeling is great:0)


  2. Your day does sound perfect! Bah at the scales, sounds like your body is slimming down anyway, the scales will catch up eventually, lol!

    I am so excited now about your sisters visiting!

  3. *high fives* to the perfect day. yay i like it.
    can't wait for the pictures girly...
    i think you should really do a v.log!

    im excited for your sisters visiting too :D wooooohooo

  4. You deserve a long, long string of perfect days, dear one. I'm very excited about your sister visit, too. That's just awesome. Oh, and I want to see the cowboy boot pictures, too.

    Have another perfect day! And thanks for the shout out.

    Hugs to you....

  5. Oh sweet perfect days - it's so nice when they come to visit, isn't it?

    Looking forward to the pictures.


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