Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sister's Weekend 2009

Has anyone noticed that I didn't weigh in this week? Well, the 'holder of the scale" is in Argentina visiting a new Gkid. It's been hard to get to the scales due to scheduling on my part or on her daughter's part. I am not freaking out about it. I am hoping I might be able to jump on sometime today. I went to a church function last night, and everyone was telling me how good I looked. I just saw them 2 weeks ago.....but whatever. I'll take it. It was a progressive dinner. Lots of healthy choices. We skipped the dessert house and came home early. I have the day off today. Went outside to walk and came back in till it gets light, since I have time this morning. DUH! My walking buddy decided to sleep in. I will probably go to the office and walk on the treadclimber. I need to finish this week's 2 fit chicks podcast. Those girls do a great job.

As promised here are some pics from Sister's Weekend 2009. This pic below is of couple of cousins. They are such cute girls!

This is pic of the older generation....damn youngsters! It's from left to right....my 2 sisters, me, my aunt ( doesn't she look good for her age...over 60 ), and her daughter. We are a goodlooking bunch.

This is breakfast with the girls. We had such a fun morning. It was long over due! We were giving the little girl tips on dealing with a bully at school...."Seriously, How old are you?" That's what we told her to say...lol. The girl in the green stripes had gotten engaged the night before. Exciting! I can't believe she is even old enough.

This is my sisters and myself at the cemetery where my mom and dad are buried. I love to walk around cemeteries. They are interesting. Especially, this one, it has lots of my relatives in it.

I should have taken more pics of the beautiful Utah landscape. I was too busy shopping and laughing. I took more pics, but when standing next to my now size 4 sister, I seemed to look fat. In my mind, I was a cow. Thank you TCB(the crazy brain). I just have to remind myself that the way I see myself is distorted. For some reason, that makes me feel better. I choose to believe what my friends and family tells me. I took all those clothes, and I ended up wearing my mom jeans and remained comfortable. All the anxiety about clothes was such a waste of time. Worry about crap like that usually is.
Well going to go for a bike ride to check on Mr. 92. Both my old people missed me. It's good to be loved! Then it's cleaning the house and then out to see the Gkids for awhile. Maybe I will take the boys on a walk at the bird park. Life is good.
Keep the mood and the food real.........don't worry, be happy!


  1. I love your blog; I'm also in education. What do you do?

  2. That looked like a lot of fun! Now it has me wanting to go do something with a bunch of girls for a weekend. I don't have sisters, really, but yeah.

  3. You all are so gorgeous and tell me, what are the odd of taking a picture of so many people around a breakfast table and having every.single.person look perfect?!?

    Looks like it was fun - glad you got to spend some time with your family, Dana!

  4. What beautiful photos! Thanks so much for sharing. It looks and sounds as if a great time was had by all!

  5. i love these pics, missus.
    i am glad you enjoyed the sister weekend!

    <3 so happy for you, missus.
    i miss my sister. strangely.


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