Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stay Healthy

Alive but just barely. Had a migraine that last for 2 days, on and off. Not so good for Dana. Missed work yesterday. Then I threw up so hard that I threw my back out. MORE FUN! I will not let this derail me from having a GREAT time with my beloved sisters. I have 3 days to get better, and as God as my witness.....I will be healthy and ready to go by Thursday.

Didn't go trick or treating Saturday. One night of candy fun was all I needed. I went to the trunk or treat Friday night at the church with the kids. They were all adorable, of course. Then my WICKED daughter sent me home with 3 and a half POUND bag of tootsie roll treats. WTFreak! Needless to say the candy went to the school. Like the kids need any more candy. As far as I'm concerned, it's every man for himself. Myself DOES NOT need 3.5 lbs of my most fave candy around. So I feel I made a good choice. My daughter, however, is now out of the will ( like I even have one....lol ).

I am going to have my pants hemmed today. My friend let me borrow some cowboy boots. I just couldn't afford any new boots. I think they look pretty hot. Except I am not a cowgirl. No one needs know to that though....hehe. So what do you think, am I too old for cowboy boots. I hate it when women dress like they are 14. I am not wearing them with fishnet stockings and a mini skirt ( I don't own either ). So they should be fine.

I guess I will wrap this up. Work to do. Weigh in tonight, since I was sick yesterday. I really don't have any expectations. I did eat candy and some other naughty stuff. So I am not expecting a loss. I would love it if I hit onderland before I go to see my sisters. However the effort just wasn't there. And that's the truth.

Keep the mood and the food real............stay healthy!


  1. Sorry you have the headache! That just stinks but you WILL be better by Thursday for your sister time.

    Good job deflecting the tootsie rolls!

    Sending positive energy to the scale gods and goddesses :-)

  2. I hope you are fit as a fiddle when your sister's weekend arrives. What fun you will have! I can't wait to hear all about it.

    Feel better soon!


  3. Unlike you I would wear it with fishnets and a petticoat. (grin)
    Gave out pencils & puzzles this year. No matter how long you freeze a pencil it still doesn't taste good.
    I'm back. Missed you. Come see me again!

  4. Uh, yeah, unless you're rocking the cowboy boots with fishnets and a mini, they pretty much work for all ages.

  5. Sorry you weren't feeling good - crossing my fingers for you that the migraine doesn't return and you can enjoy your sister's visit, headache-free.

    Oh, and you're never too old for cowboy boots - wear 'em and enjoy 'em!

  6. Sounds like a rough few days but there is the silver lining of your sisters so I'm sure you'll get yourself better. Hope weigh-in goes well even if you aren't expecting it to, sometimes that stinky old scale gives us some love anyway. Way to go on giving those toosie rolls away, sometimes I wonder what our loved ones are thinking. Like Kevin came home with reese cups and heath bars ekkk, I thankfully passed on both but it was tough. Good for you for staying strong.

  7. Sorry you threw your back! And I want to give you a huge pat on the back for giving up that big bag of candy, I'm going to do that with one that still in the cupboard.

  8. Hope you feel 100% by the time of your sister time. Nothin' better than that! Migraines really STINK! I've battled them and they are my least favorite thing.

    Thanks for the kind words and yes, it has been a tough year for me with my mom's passing and our family health issues.

  9. Cowboy boots, fishnets and mini skirts are ageless - you read it here first, lol!

    Hope you feel better quick!

  10. so sorry about your head (she whispers QUIETLY in case it still throbs).

    *tip toes away*

  11. Sorry to hear about the head and the back! I hopee you have fun with your sisters!

  12. <3
    sending you some love. feel better soon babes! lol no one needs that much candy! no one! kudos to you for getting rid of it.

    i think you should put me in the will instead :P

    i like your truth. honesty. yay.
    i think we need pictures of you in the boots!

  13. Girlfriend so many people leave you comments i'm sure mine will get lost in the shuffle but i wanted to tell you i think you are awesome! Giving that candy away was HUGE! I'm so sorry you've been under the weather! Cowboy boots are awesome! Not that i own any....And i agree we need pictures! I think you should dress how you feel. What makes you happy and comfortable. Jinx!


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