Tuesday, December 22, 2009

progress pics and wed weigh in


I do not know what the hell is going on with blogger but I can't see the pictures that I posted. Someone had asked me a while back to post a progress photo. Well I was pretty good at not getting any body shots. Seriously, I couldn't find one. This Fat Dana picture was taken last year at Christmas. The cute little family in the pic I am holding is my daughter's family. I look HORRID! I probably weighed close to 260-270 lbs then. I didn't step on a scale back then! I was miserable, in severe knee pain and taking Vicodins by the handful to help with my knee. I really just wanted to disappear. I rarely "groomed". I would shower on the good days. The other days well I went to work in PJs and barely ran a comb through my hair. Thank goodness the people I work for are kind. Plus, she runs around in her nightgown all day as well....still does. Plus I work alone in a home, but still.

The thinner photo is of me this past weekend. At lunch with my in-laws. I look at her and see someone I can trust to make good decisions for me. I am really happy. Not over joyed or any ting goofy like that. I just feel...well lets see. I can think of a word. Wait! COMFORTABLE. I feel comfortable in my own skin, at where I am this year. Happy at hoe far I've come. This time last year I didn't feel like I had a chance in hell of turning things around.

When I stopped lieing to myself about the state of my life, and where I was going to end up, things changed. Like I said before. I have never counted a thing. I tried to eat more fruit and veggies and lean meat. Cut the portions. When I binge, I try to do it on healthy food. I still have my good old tootsie rolls, but I don't buy bags in the grocery store. When I stop into a 7/11 or something I pick up some in the "penny candy" (yes I know it's not a penny anymore). It's all about portion control. Veggies and fruits however I consider free food. No one ever got fat from eating too many fruits and veggies. RIGHT?

That being said, it's weigh in WED. The scale said 192.4. That is dow .2 lbs. totally cool with it. Eat about 6 cookies over the course of the weekend. Not to mention the tastes during the carmel popcorn making marathon. I've made 50 gallon ziplock bags all ready. I didn't make everyday with my walk either. So that was frustrating. I had expect a bigger number, so I will take it.

Lots more to say, but no time now. BTW, TJs jeans came in the mail and THEY FIT! A little snug, but they zip up just fine. Sometimes, since I wear clothes that are too big most of the time, when pants fit just right, to me they feel too tight. Did that make any sense? ANYWOO...........plan on doing a post tomorrow the a pants picture. TJ, (ok I am not going to cry). thank you so much. Wearing those pants yesterday made me feel like a Skinny Bitch! The joy that package gave me is worth more then anything that will be under my tree this year. From the bottom of my heart....THANK YOU.



  1. Wonderful post! You look fan-tab-u-lous!!!! Wow! I'am so happy for you and proud of you! Give yourself a big (((HUG)))) from me!! Have a GREAT xmas Dana! See you on the other side! Jinx!

  2. Here's to being a skinny bitch! It's so nice to hear how great you are feeling about yourself!

  3. You look great you skinny bitch!! :)
    I hope you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  4. You look wonderful! Hell you ARE wonderful! Hope you have some pretty amazing holidays!

  5. You have achieved so much, glad to see you reflecting on some of the changes that 2009 has brought. You are amazing!

  6. Wow! You look YEARS younger, Dana! And freaking amazing!!! What a great post - I love how you've made this new lifestyle into something that you can live with, not just wait to be done with once you lose the weight.

    Now, 50 gallons of carmel corn? You are a machine, lady! I'm tired just thinking about you doing all that work!

    Congrats on the loss this week AND on the new pants fitting...what a wonderful, wonderful reward!

  7. You look so Different, so Fabulous, so Skinny!!! I am so happy for you, I love what you said about being really happy.
    You are doing it Sister and I am feeling it.

    Love and Hugs



  8. Wowza - you look great! Isn't it fabulous to feel comfortable again, it is such a relief.

    I am so happy for you, I really am!

    Have a great holiday, sis xxx

  9. :) I am SO happy!!!!!!!! I was hoping they fit and I am thrilled that they did! :) I love the before- now pics! You look so much younger and happier! :) HUGS my friend! lots of hugs! :)

  10. Wow, such a difference in those pictures! You've made great progress, Dana. And it sounds like a lot of it has been inner, which is what really counts.

  11. Merry Christmas and you look really great!

  12. Oh my goodness, your blog is exactly what I needed to read today..what an inspiration to see what you've achieved in ONE year!!! I am sitting here in Norway, surfing the net for inspiration and I stumbled upon your blog and I'm so glad I did!!! You look wonderful and I love that you're eating normal food and NOT counting calories..this is exactly how I want to do this...live normal..
    Merry Christmas from Norway!

  13. WOW!!! You look fantastic! What an amazing transformation!

    About blogger, if you switch between edit HTML and Compose, one shows all the html code, the other will show the photos. It took me a long time to figure that out. Then if they're out of order, you can go back to the HTML and cut and paste so that they are in order.

    Merry Christmas

  14. Looking terrific Dana!!! Your posts always make me smile and feel so good and so thankful. You are such a terrific person. I can't wait to see you in those TJ jeans *smile*. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas today.

  15. FUCKING AMAZING. I hope that you feel like a fireyhotmaster of sexy now!! What a transformation!

    THANK YOU for all of the support. I am not always good about returning comments, but your thoughts mean a lot to me. I know you are there reading along, and I love it!


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