Friday, December 18, 2009

gonna need a plan

UGG! I am so stinkin tired this morning. Slept all the way to 5:30 AM. I usually walk out the door to walk at that time. I am not feeling it this morning. Thanks for all the concern about loosing my head and the check. I never did find it. I decided that I was too damn busy to worry about it. After I looked everywhere I called and they canceled the check and I got another one last night. They were great about it. I was embrassed. I am kind of a scatter brain, but it has gotten so much worse in the last few days.

I have to talk to the family about cutting back on my hours with Mr 92. I am wearing myself out. When I gained my weight back 2 years ago this is kind of what happened. I put my desire to please and to earn extra money ahead of my healthy routine. I will not let this happen again. I will do what is best for me. Being busy isn't bad....but being so busy that everything else takes a backseat, well not this time, baby! I am going to hit the treadclimber at work this morning. No excuses.

Food has been ok. I have thought about this. I never really know what the weekly weigh in will bring. I have not counted points or calories this time around. I have tried to just change the way I eat. It has worked really well. I think not counting anything has made me not so concern with the number on the scale. I have not set any real weight loss goals. Just wanted to be able to walk up and down my stairs without thinking my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I know this wouldn't work for everyone, but it is working for me. I am grateful for the success I have had. Doing it this way, it hasn't felt like HELL. It's been, dare I say, fun!

I have no idea what the weekend will bring. I will only have to work very part time for the next 2 weeks. That kind of freaks me out too. Too much down time is not so good for Dana. Boredom leads to eating, leads to TCB (the crazy brain) . So I am going to need a plan. Will try to catch up on everyone's blog soon.

Have a great weekend. Have a PLAN!

P.S. I can't wait to get my size 14 levi jeans from TJ. THANKS TJ!!! Your generosity overwhelms me.


  1. I don't count anything either and I have lost about 35 lbs over 2 years. The thing about counting to me is that if you stop, all bets are off and you feel free to eat anything. I feel that I need a program than I can live with permanently. No food is off limits, but I do stay away from certain things for a long time. I'm into the exercise habit, with a program I can live with. Sometimes I feel like more strenuous activity than others, but I still try to move and work up a sweat on most days.

  2. Hope you have a good weekend with no TCB lol. I can't wait to hear about your size 14 jeans when they arrive.

  3. Treadclimber? You are a brave woman. Glad the check thing got sorted out.

  4. Glad you just decided to cancel and get a new check. No more stressing!!! Somethings just are not worth it! MOVE ON! :) When you are in a situation that you are taking care of others- you have a tendency to forget about #1, YOU. I can tell you already see this ...and know that you will do what you need to do in order to take care of yourself. :)

    Funny- When I was at the post office I went in with the jeans in my hand. I did not have a box/bag at home. So I was looking at the packages at the PO and I grabbed a bag adn walked to the counter to load it up adn address it. The guy next to me at the counter also packing up a gift asked if it was traveling pants. (like the movie) I just smiled at him and said, yeah I guess so. :) I thought it was cute that he knew what was going on. lol Im crossing my fingers that they slide on nicely. I know we are all not built the same! lol

  5. Glad to hear the check's not an issue anymore. Don't worry - it's not like you lost track of a kid or Mr. 92. And good for you putting yourself and your health first. Don't walk into that trap again.

    And size 14s!!!! Wow - that's great!

  6. Yippee for Size 14s!!!
    Take care of yourself.

  7. I'm glad the check situation got resolved. And WOOT on being able to wear size 14s! That's great!

  8. Sorry about the check situ - the last two days have been crazybusy for me and I've not been able to keep up with blog reading...glad everything is resolved.

    I love that you said this time losing weight has been fun, because that is what I get from you - pure enjoyment, whether it's from riding your bike, or playing with the grandkids, or visiting with your have jumped into life and not let a "diet" stop you from experiencing everything.

  9. I was just looking at your weight loss numbers ... Wow! Isn't it time you put up some progress photos? Maybe when you get your 14s from TJ?

    I've lost 43 pounds in the last year and a half. I didn't 'diet' or count calories, it was a simple change in my food choices and plenty of exercise.

  10. Reading all of these blogs has spurned me to "make a plan" as you stated, to become healthier.

  11. how was your weekend?
    here's hoping you got some rest and some YOUTIME and are able to start this holiday week a bit more refreshed.


  12. Your post about putting other first before and gaining weight really strikes home. So many blogs I read have people struggling in them right now, myself included. Tis the apparently put everyone else first and our health and journeys are suffering. Thank you for your words!


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