Saturday, December 5, 2009

got my halls decked!

Well I decided that this year I would put up a tree and some outside lights. I don't have alot of Christmas stuff. I have started over so many times. It's hard to keep stuff that way. Anyway, I put out what stuff I do have. I haven't done that for a few years. It makes me feel alittle merrier! I am really going to make this year different. I am!

Today is my Dad's Bday. I miss him so much. He is still near, helping me when I need it. I have felt it. He recieved a heart transplant years ago and it gave him an extra 7 years. I have the news clipping about the accident of the man that donated his heart to my dad. Overwhelming sometimes, when I really think about it. He bounced so many times, I stunned when he didn't pull through that last time. We all where. He was a chemical engineer. A geek, with a slide rule in his pocket protector. He was so witty and funny. When I was little I used to think he must stay up late night amd plan his responses. Like his life was a comedy Kids think crazy stuff. He could spank you in one moment and love you through it the next. I liked that about him. My mom tended to hold a grudge. At least that's how it seemed to me.

I spent all day helping Mr. 92 find a dog. GRRR! He needs a companion. Then he didn't even find one. GRR again. I really wanted to go to the movie. GRRR again. I guess it wasn't so bad. I made money instead of spending it. I should be patting myself on the back.

I think I will just stay in tonight. Read some blogs. I have been watching the old Mary Tyler Moore show on My dad loved that show. I forgot how funny it was. I went food shopping, got up to where I was to pay and forgot I had let my kid use my card....grrr again. Funny, looking back on the day I have been really Luckily I have been able to take it all in stride. Tomorrow is church and football. I will ride out and watch with my daughter and the kids after church. I love early church. Over by noon. Mormons go to church for 3 hours on Sunday. 3 different meetings. It doesn't seem that long though. I can see how some people would think that it's crazy, but I love it....when it's Time to come home and nap. Love a Sunday nap as well.

Keep the mood and the food real. Deck the halls!


  1. Very nice memories of your dad. Sounds like he was a fantastic man.
    Hope you get your nap tomorrow!

  2. I loved hearing about your dad. I try never to hold a grudge with the kids. Sorry Mr. 92 didn't find a dog. Glad you put up decorations I plan on spending some of tomorrow doing that myself. Have fun at church tomorrow.

  3. You title cracked me up! Yipeee to putting up the Christmas decorations. They make me happy! :)

  4. Glad you are all decked - and thanks for sharing memories of your dad!

    What kind of dog was Mr. 92 looking for? Did you go to the animal shelter? I have such a hard time looking for pets...I end up wanting to adopt them all!

  5. Your dad sounds like a really special guy. Isn't it amazing that the family of the accident victim was so generous at such a tragic time? Organ donation is such an amazing way to do one last act of good will and your father had seven more years because of it. I'm sure you treasured him in those seven years.

  6. Christmas often brings memories flooding back. Your dad sounds like he was a fabulous chap.

    I have a feeling you will be back at the animal shelter/pet shop with Mr 92 in the New Year!

  7. Thanks for sharing about your Dad. I hope that my children will say such lovely things about me. Hope you have had an excellent weekend!

  8. thank you so much for sharing this with us. I love that you watch MTM in his honor as well.
    It can sound morbid but the husband and I have the conversation kinda frequently with each other about how we'd wanna be remembered and I always choose mediums like that.
    ways that would make people smile (LOVE MTM) and still recall what I loved during my time on earth as well.


  9. You have so much to reminisce about at this time of year, it is nice that you are doing so many delightful and positive things.

    Hope Mr.92 finds a companion!

  10. Mr. 92 doesn't need a dog - with all the growling you are doing, he thinks he already has one ;-)

    Yay for the Christmas cheer!


  11. What a nice tribute to your dad. Sorry you're so sad. But MTM has a way of cheering everybody up.

    Hope you find a dog soon. The shelters always seem to have older dogs who are grateful for new homes. Good luck

  12. I love myself a good nap too.

    I hope he finds the right dog :)

  13. Sorry it didn't work out for 92 this time, but I sense it might down the road.
    Happy Holidays!
    weight loss

  14. You're lucky to have had great memories of your father. He sounded like one great dad!


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