Tuesday, December 15, 2009

pretty busy weekend!

Good morning to all. I have had a busy past few days. Mr. 92 is still kicking and till he gets moved to a group home I am going to go to his house 5 times a day. Crazy I know, but I was praying for a way to make alittle extra Christmas money. Prayer answered. I love it! It's hard to fit everything in, but so far, so good. It's just till Thursday or Friday. 70 lbs ago I would never have had the energy to do all this stuff! So go me!

I have been doing okay with food. Not great, still eating too much processed stuff. I jumped on the scales Monday morning for a premature peek and was happy, but I will wait to weigh again till tomorrow morning and be all official. I hope I can hold onto the loss. Though, it doesn't really matter, cause I feel lighter. I know that seems crazy, but my body just feels different. I was able to wear, comfortably, the size 16 GAP jeans that were my daughter's. They are low ride and kind of uncomfortable anyway, for me, since I usually wear MomJeans. So they are kind of baggy in the butt, but they feel ok "around me". This is totally awesome, as these were the smallest jeans that I own. Now I have to get a pair of 14s to try to fit into. Keeping my eye on the prize.

Still getting my walks in. Though that has been tricky. I really have to plan and make sure that I keep the walks up. I do this for ME TIME! I am going to watch hulu this morning on the treadclimber. Something mindless and funny. It's a good excuse to watch TV.

Nothing much else to say. Feeling better...more "Chritsmasy". No longer sitting on the "pity pot". Still got tons to do, but I know that it will get done. I am so glad that I have to cut back this year. It's been a blessing in disguise. I am going to get my little family (with the Gkids too) and go caroling to all my old people and to a few of our family friends. I will take along a little holiday treat with us to give out. I am just full of the holiday spirit today!

Keep the mood and the food real......what are you full of ...lol


  1. Glad you are more in the spirit of things. And you know, the holiday spirit isn't about things we buy. No one remembers who got what, but what they will remember is the events, the caroling, the family togetherness. You are doing great!

    Hugs to you and yours.

  2. I just figured out what to do with my size 14 Levi's. I wore them only 2 times and I was feeling bad that I did not wear them much. They are clean and ready to be passed on and I would love to send them to you. :) Email me...send me your address!!! :)


  3. Aw, you gotta love TJ! (pointing upwards to previous comment)

    Glad you are feeling a lot better - well done and I can hardly wait for tomorrow's post either!

  4. You'll be in those size 14's in no time. I love that you consider your walks "me time" and not a chore! Merry Christmas.

  5. That is WAY cool about the jeans!

    What a fun way to spend some holiday cheer. Your peeps will just LOVE it! I wish that more people did caroling.

  6. Things always seem to work out, no matter how much we stress over them.

    Great job on fitting into those smaller jeans! :)

  7. Congrats on "feeling lighter". Love it!

  8. Congrats on the jeans; and we also are cutting back. January is going to feel good--no monetary reminders of Christmas.

  9. Yay for holiday spirit! And it's great that you're able to get a little extra money by taking care of Mr. 92. Oh, congrats on the jeans, too! In the future, when you get down to the size you want, you're gonna have to go shopping for some jeans that really flatter you and make you feel great.

  10. "Mom Jeans" - too funny...I was so insulted when SNL came out with that skit as I was wearing them at the time!

    Glad you are feeling more in the spirit, and that Mr. 92 is needing more care - good for you and him. I guess it's a good thing he didn't get a dog after all.


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