Wednesday, December 2, 2009

stay the course

Most of you already know about this blog TJs Test Kitchen This Sweetie's blog is awesome. She is an awesome cook. I want to go to her house for dinner. Check out her vlog post. It was real and honest and hit home for me. She says that this journey is hard. I know that it's true. If you don't know about this blog, check it out now.

TJ had a small gain this week. This after she had planned, prepared and went without. She was upset. I can relate. I had a 3.5 lbs weight gain this past week. I wasn't shocked, but I was disappointed. I didn't have pie or stuffing or appetizers. I had one meal. As opposed to eating several...throughout the weekend. Which is what I used to do. Still a gain.

I am not going to beat myself up over this. I am going to cut myself some slack. It could be a bunch of stuff. Hormones, water retention, had just east a sandwich. The body, she is I have decided that I am going to break down and buy a scale. Then change my weigh in day to Wednesday. First thing in the morning. I just don't want to turn into a scale whore. I can try it. I can always send the scale away if I start to put too much stock in the scale. There are plenty of other ways to define success, besides that DAMN SCALE.

I have messing around at this same weight for quite awhile now. Up a few. Down a bunch. Up a bunch. Yes, it's frustrating. However, me berating myself and feeling guilty is not going to help anything. In fact I know from past experience that it just makes things worse.

So what am I going to do. NOT GIVE UP. That's 1st. I think I am going up my walking to twice a day 3 times a week. That is doable. I am not going to deny myself of the things that I really enjoy this season. I mean enjoy it before and after I eat it. Like I enjoy pie, but not the way I feel after I have eaten it. Same with all the other stuff that I didn't eat. "Normal eaters" don't freak out over a big meal. they just eat less and exercise and it's gone. I really feel that attitude is the most important thing about this whole journey. I don't have to be all motivated everyday. That is unrealistic. I do however need to stay the course, stay committed to being healthy ( BEING HEALTHY ) and maintain the habits that I have acquired over the past 9 months. Good habits!

I feel good today. Not over the moon happy, but less anxious. I will take it. I got on the treadclimber this morning and I have already sucked down a half gallon of water. Now it's time to earn that paycheck. Thank everyone for all your uplifting and sympathetic comments yesterday. I couldn't do it without you. TJ was my 1st comment yesterday. I love how we help each other. It makes me happy!

Keep the mood and the food real.........stay the course


  1. Yeah, it isn't one meal that made us fat in the first place, it was (in my case) a very gradual build up over many, many years (decades, LOL!). That puts a little perspective on the festive seasonal eating. We just have to think like a thin person and try to not let one little indulgence spiral out of control.

    I wonder if the sudden change in eating confuses the body, hence a small gain? Hopefully back to normal eating will take it off.

    At least we have been on the journey long enough to develop the new habits now. I think I have, anyway. 9 months is a long time! Perhaps when we have done the full 4 seasons, we will be experts, lol.

    Off to visit TJ now...

  2. Since I'm fairly new to fitness blogging, I've been reading a lot of other people's weight loss blogs. It seems like most people weigh in just once a week. I've always weighed myself every morning to get an idea of the fluctuations in my weight. The scale can go up or down 3-5 pounds in a single day. I'm wondering what the thinking is behind the once weekly weigh ins. It seems to me that it only discourages people. Any thoughts?

  3. Very true. I have to remind myself that one meal can't screw up all my work quite often.

  4. Honestly seeing the ups and downs is quite frustrating but doesn't make or not make my day!
    Yesterday i went on an hours walk, i cleaned a friends house top to bottom and then i walked all around a huge mall not once but twice!!
    This morning the scale was up 1.4 lbs. And that is after eating great all dayQ
    Oh well i know it will be right off again :)

  5. Not giving up is definitely key. You're not going to win with the scale every week. As long as the trend is downward though, you're golden. :)

  6. I can't believe we were thinking almost the same thing today. I love you too woman *smile*. It's amazing to me how we meet people that we just "click" with *big big hug*.

  7. I like your idea of the morning weigh-in...and also ditching the scale if it makes you too crazy!

  8. Ah yes, I too am a fan of TJ and would love to have a dinner party with her.

    And I'm a fan of you, too. Hang in there, McButterpants.

  9. I've had ten years of eating(and loving) carbs! Now I'm trying to pick a few things to incorporate in my day. I drink the liquid yogurt (immunity) everyday and I like the Special K liquid breakfast as a supplement to my morning workout. I still eat breakfast.

  10. Hi - This is my first visit to your blog, those I've been seeing your comments for awhile. I can totally relate to this post. If you visit my blog and read the last couple of posts or so, you'll see why. I've been within the same 8 pounds since end of August! A massive binge weekend over Thanksgiving actually pushed be out of Onederland, which was the final straw. Back On Track. So far, so good. I hear your determination, and your weight loss thus far is fantastic! You not GOING TO DO IT, YOU"RE DOING IT! Thanks for the inspiration. I'll be back.

  11. i want to go to t.js for dinner too. i am trying to lure her over to be my personal chef.

    weigh in on a friday with me.
    i have returned to a scale whore with my new pretty digital body fat reading scales.

    not giving up. EVER.
    lol my four seasons are nearly up and i dont think im learning.

  12. This up and down business is so infuriating but you're coming at it from the right angle. Never give up but don't fight that feeling that's telling you to pull back a little. The gut, for all the problems it causes us, is still the best when it comes to instincts.

    Love TJ too.

  13. I hate the scale some times. Most times. We've just gotta keep moving in the direction we want to be. Stay positive :)


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