Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Weigh in Wed #1

Welcome to the 1st anual Dana's Wed Weigh In. I bought a scale last night and they were kind to me this morning. It said 196. So I am back in the 100s. I really want to stay here this time. I haven't been eating good for me foods. Lots of processed food. BOOOOOO! I am feeling it in my emotions and in my energy level. I was so beat this week I tried one of those energy drinks. YICK! Plus it was useless.

The scale is down quite a bit, but that is because I had just eaten a huge sandwich and drank a big drink of water just an hour before I weighed last week. Plus I weighed in at night. I weighed in this morning. Plus, it's a new scale. So I am not breaking my arm to pat my own back. I have been pushing the water though and keeping up on my walking everyday. No excuses. I am grateful I have a treadclimber available. It has been pretty cold. I walked yesterday morning, but this morning I am downloading the new Closer and am going to the office to walk.

I am taking a personal day today. Going out to help my friend that lives about 30 miles west of my house. So it's kind of like a mini vacay. I am going to help her MUCK out her room again. This woman is around 70 years old. I took care of her hubs until he passed away about 6 years ago. I have gone on lots of trips with her since (she has had a small stroke and has broken her collar bone so she needs alittle help) I love her dearly. So it will be a good day. I feel kind of bad for her. She has accumulated alot of stuff. ALOT! Now that her daughter, SIL, and 5 Gkids have moved in with her, she is trying to move into one room. Good luck with that! She is going to have to let alot of stuff go. It really puts things into perpective for me. It's not stuff that you take with you in the end. It's the realtionships with God, yourself and with others that matter. I've seen this happen to so many old people. Kind of sad. Sad that families don't take the time with their family members while they are still here. Anyway, good for me though, cause I really enjoy them. Old people really have alot to offer. Besides, on a selfish note, they make me feel

Have had lots of crazy stuff going through my head lately. Mostly about goals. I never made any weight loss goals when I started, other then GET HEALTHY. Anyway, will save that for another post.

Keep the mood and the food real......what matters most to you??


  1. I think having lots of crazy stuff going on is common this time of year. Hang in there! Good job on getting back into the 100's. :)

  2. Well done on the entry to the 100s.

  3. As Tj said, this time of year is crazy-making. Just do the best you can and enjoy your day with your friend.

  4. Good job on the loss and I hope you have a good day with your friend!

  5. WTG! So happy to hear you made it back into the 100s. I'm hanging in there too by the hair of my chinny chin chin. hehehe

    Hope you and your friend get a lot accomplished today.

  6. Welcome back to the 100's - it's a good feeling, isn't it?

    Sounds like you've got a lot going on, youngster.

  7. Seven pound loss--great job!

    You know, I have met some cool old people, but a lot of them act like children. And I don't like children.

  8. I love this time of year and i hate this time of year :)
    Good luck with helping your friend!
    And way to go on staying in onederland.

  9. Way to go on the great weigh-in this morning. I'm hoping for a decent one myself tonight. Have a great time with your lady today. *hugs*

  10. Good job on your loss! Wow! I think it's nice that you are helping out a friend in need.

  11. "It's the realtionships with God, yourself and with others that matter."

    Amen to that.

    Congrat on your weigh-in. I hope you had a wonderful day with your friend.

  12. Well, you may not be patting yourself on the back, but here's one from me - good job drinking your water and changing your weigh-ins to the morning!! I think that 196 is a true number and you are doing very well! So congratulations, Dana!

  13. I really love weighing in on Weds, I hope it works well for you.

    Some weeks preparing good healthy food is really difficult for me too, but so long as we keep it real and pop a vitamin pill or two, it should be OK (oops!).

    So right about the stuff we accumulate, that won't be their at our funerals, wiping the tears away, that's for sure.

    Well done on being back in the 100s, sounds like you are going to like this new weigh-in time!

  14. it is the relationships with G-d and others that matter more than all else.

    THAT is my driving force when it is all laid bare.

    To serve my family and friends as best I can.
    To touch even one life along the proverbial way.
    To be STILL and not fill my world with noise to avoid hearing whats in my heart.

    The "looks" and "weight" of fitness all take a backseat to the above and yet, for me, when I finally (FINALLY) realized the above it all fell into place.

    sorry for the long comment.
    You are doing such an amazing job.



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