Tuesday, January 5, 2010

do better today than yesterday!

Here are some pics from the New Year's Day trip to the bird park with the Gkids and a family friend. This is going to be quick. I was CRAVING bread yesterday. Grrrr. Fixed healthy soup, then I bought potato rolls. WTHell. Anyway, my kid will eat the rest today, but I ate half the bag before it was over. I set myself up to FAIL. I shouldn't have bought the rolls. But, today is a new day. I weighed this morning and yikes...hope that it's water. We'll see tomorrow morning. Offical weigh in day.

Went to get in my car after coming out of the food store and saw my car had had the hood crumbled in. WTHell. I was freaked for about a minute, till I realized my car was just 2 spaces down. I had to laugh at me. That was an easy fix. Still trying to do some big girl stuff today. I am waiting to hear how my cholestrol levels are. My dang arm is still killing me. She said it would take awhile for the tendonitis to get better. I am a boob and hate any pain, so yes, I would like some cheese with that whine.

Keep the mood and the food real....do better today than yesterday!

Here's one of me and Gson #2....love that pic!

Here the kids are entering the bird park.

Here is the ALREADY dead catch! They washed their hands right away....BOYS!

They are fishing with short sticks they found at the park


  1. Great pics!

    - Lisa

  2. Love the picture of you and your grandson. What cuties!

    And I had to laugh about the car. Sounds like something I would do.

    Let's be big girls together today.


  3. You have gorgeous grandkid's, just like me;O)

    Now you be a brave Grandma and do those big girl things and you can go out to play again;O)

    Big Hugs


  4. Love the story about the car! I was laughing!

    Great advice...do better each day!

  5. But I was perfect yesterday! How can I do better today?

  6. Love the pictures of the gkids! Thanks for sharing Dana.

  7. I've gotten in my car and thought the steering wheel was broken when I couldn't move it...turns out I was sticking the key to the other car in the ignition. Gotta love those easy fixes!

    The kids and the dead fish - priceless!

    Cute pics. Maybe next time just buy one roll from the bakery? Good luck with the WI tomorrow!

  8. Bread is evil! lol I can't have any at home these days. lol cute pics! :) Good luck tomorrow!!!

  9. I love the pictures. I bet the car gave you quite a startle!!

  10. What a fit and fan and active Grandmother you are! What a wonderful blessing for you and your grandkids.


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