Friday, January 8, 2010

look ahead

I made it to Friday! Hip hip hooray! I have walked every morning and even gone for some extra bike rides this week. However food has been a huge issue. My son brought home a tin of butter cookies that a friend made us during the holidays. I have eaten almost the entire tin. WTHell?! I have been noticing that I am letting bad habits creep in. I am not eating as healthy as I could b. I have been eating too much BREAD this week. For some reason I have craved it. I feel I am entitled to alittle something special to nibble on when I go to the store. Nothing big or high calorie, just some thing. It's just I can feel that I am using food. I don't like it.

I am having kind of a bad week. Just kind of blah. Not depressed or anything. Plus I am trying to get used to having extra time on my hands. I have felt really tired this week. For the past couple of days I have noticed that I just start aching all over about mid morning. Then it gets worse from there. It is gone by the next morning then starts over again. Not sure what's going on. Last night I got a fair nights sleep, but not great.

I know everything cycles around. I am having a rough week. I will survive and try to do better. What else can I do? Give up? HELL TO THE NO! I don't need to be looking back, I need to look forward.

Kind of bummed that one of my Gsons is sick, so no movie. I don't know what I will do now. Something will come up. I need a plan. I don't need to be sitting in my house, thinking about the next thing to eat. GRRRRRR!

Keep the mood and the food real......look ahead!


  1. Sounds like we are having a similar week. Hang in there Dana the fog will clear. *hugs*

  2. What to do, what to do? hmmm...
    Read a really great book
    Go For a Walk
    See if there are any local festivals or exhibits in town
    Call an old friend to go out for coffee
    BOOKSTORE trip - LOVE going to the bookstore and just sitting around browsing
    Give yourself a mani/pedi and bubble bath

  3. I am new to the weight loss blog world, just starting my journal. Just looking at your side bar with your weight loss accomplishments is inspiring. Thank you! I'm sorry you have had such a tough week, hang in there! Check me out at

  4. I'm totally stealing Melissa's list! Those are good ideas :)

    Hope your weekend is good. Things will get better-at least the cookies are almost gone right? :D

  5. HELL TO THE NO!!!! omg that made me laugh!! It is that extra time you have on your hands that make things a littly hairy. Changes in routines are tough....but you don't want me to borrow those jeans from you when they're too tight for you, now do ya??? I'll come and get them if you can't wear them. (that will be later in the year, for me)....but you know what i mean. Stay in the jeans, girl!!

  6. If you're not eating well, maybe you're feeling kind of sore because you're not getting enough of certain nutrients. If you're doing a good amount of exercise than your body needs to be fed well, otherwise it's going to rebel with achiness.

  7. Echoing others' sentiments, go find something to do. Clean something! Declutter something! Go to the movies solo!

    You will get through this. It's just part of the deal.

    Hugs to you!


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