Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hello and Good Sunday morning to all. This is how I spent my New Year's Eve. At the drive in movie with my daughter and the Gkids. We took them to see The Princess and the Frog. I had given the girls cheap little tiaras for Christmas. How was the movie you ask? How the hell would I know! Did I mention there were 6 little kids and 4 yammering adults ( me being one of those yammering ). It was loads of fun though and I would do it again in a minute. We brought lots of blankets and hot chocolate and snuggled. I brought the 3 oldest back to my house for a sleep over and then a trip to the bird park New Year's morning. Not much of a workout physically, but they were so stinkin cute. I will post more pics tomorrow when I am work, where the computer is not psychotic. Blogger let me download exactly one picture....thanks blogger. grrrr. So you get the drive in picture.

I have been reading lots of New Year posts. Trying to decided just what I want out of year. Somehow I feel just staying with my new good habits I will be great. I just need to add some more good habits into the mix. Non weight loss habits. I have some spiritual goals and some financial goals that I really want to work on this year. I feel alot braver going into 2010 then I did going into 2009. I was scared shitless last year. For a variety of real and "crazy-brain" reasons. This year I feel like maybe I can follow through. Like maybe, just maybe I can trust myself to follow through. I want to do a post about Hope. Hope is a wonderful thing. Hope is to expect things that are not seen. I want to set a goal of taking some kind of college class. I heard a woman at church today who said she raised 6 kids and then got her PhD after the age of 60. She is 90something. What a woman! Get off your butt, Dana. What are you waiting for? Why am I afraid to live up to my potential? Both damn good questions, thank you very much!

I still don't have the jeans picture. I have had to really look at why in the "Sam Hill" I refuse to post a pic. I really want to...yet....where is the damn picture, right?? I's weird. I will save those "deep thoughts" for another post. The one that WILL HAVE the jeans pic...I promise. I have spent too much darn time thinking about this the past few days.

Another thing I have done the past few days is try to get rid of a bout bronchitis. GRRRR. I had the doc check my lungs while I was there for my arm, which has tendonitis. Oh great! I have used my "illness" ( i really don't feel that sick) to skip walking the past 2 days. Maybe not today. I will try to walk after my nap. See, my priorities are askew.

Tomorrow marks the start of my "getting back to business". I am out the door by 5:30AM to walk with my buddy. Back to lots of H2O. Back to food shopping. I haven't really gone crazy, but I have been doing less than my best. So I am recommitting. Join me!

Let's make this 1st week of 2010 great! Keep the mood and the food real.......



  1. Get back to business woman! I am back to the business of kicking you up the bum!

    My first week is going great! Love the picture missus!

  2. I'm recommitting on my commitments! I would like to be healthier this year--and I want healthy to feel normal.

  3. I would like to be less scared shitless this year! Hope, yes that is a great word to go into 2010 with, along with Faith and Love and maybe a bit of Charity. Hmmm..

    Lets rock this new year - I am WITH you!

  4. Thanks so much Dana, this is what I really need to hear - having a rubbish day as I feel I haven't really got started on losing weight and changing my life yet - just sitting around talking about it and wondering how I'm gonna get there - well, I need to commit to my goals and recommit! Well done for your achievements so far! Your year of weight-loss last year looks amazing - I'm looking at the year ahead and thinking "can i do that?" You know what? I think I can!

  5. Getting back to the routine after the holidays can be tough-but no tougher than doing all of the shopping, wrapping, cooking, entertaining etc... that goes along with the holidays. Just think how good you're going to feel after your morning walk!

  6. I have so much weight to loose and reading your blog has inspired me - thank you.
    Love to you.

  7. I know you will rock out 2010!! Here's to a great year!!
    The movie trip sounds like a blast!

  8. Yep - Monday's the day to get back to it...and I am looking forward to my normal day of working out and eating right.

    Looks like you NYE was fun - even if you didn't really get to see the movie. I remember going to the drive in when I was a kid - what great memories you and your daughter are creating for the grands!



    how was the walk? youre done now--yes? :)


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