Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wed Weigh In

Wed Weigh In. I was up .4 lb. I will take it and back quickly away from the scales. I drank water up the wazoo yesterday. A gallon before noon. I was peeing all day. I am waiting to go walking. My hips have killed me. I felt like an old woman yesterday. Every time I stood up I felt like I had a catch in my get-a-long. I had a hard time getting "started".

Felt totally weird yesterday. Nervous as hell over nothing. Slept better last night. Slept all the way to 4:30. So go me! Today will be better. Went out to help my daughter with the Gkids last night. I took the kids on a long walk. Half way the 4 year old decided he didn't want to ride the scooter, and would I please take it. So I was trying to lead the scooter home and pull the girls in the wagon home. I think I pulled something again in this stupid arm. It is just so annoying.

The doc called and said that my cholesterol is much better, but that my fast blood sugar was alittle high. I am not going to do the blood glucose test. I probably woke up and put something in my mouth in the middle of the night that night.

Was on hold with the IRS for over 45 mins yesterday and still didn't talk to anyone. Try again today.

I am watching the news and they are doing a story about that dating website beautifulpeople. They kicked people off the site for gaining weight over the holidays. STUPID. Oh and by the the way......that's not news!

I am reading the new book by Greg Mortensen, Stones Into Schools or something like that. The book 3 Cups of Tea was written about his mission to build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Read it. It is an important book. I was looking at TMZ website yesterday and saw that Angelina Jolie is reading the same book. That made me laugh!

Enough randomness. Got to get all bundled up to go out into that cold 45 degree weather. LOL! I am hearing on the news that the U.K. hasn't seen this much snow since the 1980's. BRRR. Anyone wanting to visit, COME ON! It will be 71 and sunny today. Great bike riding weather. I might ride to work this morning.

Keep the mood and the food real.......get moving!


  1. Did you do something to your hips that caused the pain? If it is just stiffness, you may just need to stretch a little longer after a workout.

  2. I love your randomness.

  3. I would love to come visit we would have a grand time *smile*. I've been trying to talk to someone at social security so I know your pain. I get that nervous as hell feeling sometimes too, wonder what that's all about for us? Hope you have a great day.

  4. A visit sound like a great idea.
    Ill be the fat, old, ugly-ass one. You can't miss me!
    Perhaps I should visit at Halloween...
    No Tootsie Rolls, please!
    Ha, Ha, Just Kidding! :)

  5. No worries on the .4 that is nutthin! You will kill the scale next week! :) Look at you reading what Ms. Jolie is reading! lol :) Luv TMZ, Perez, and celebrity gossip- Im hooked on that crap! lol

  6. You crack me up with your random thoughts - it's a great way to get to know you, Dana!

    I am envying your nice weather - it's too cold to go for a bike ride here...the wind resistance would turn me into an ice cube!

  7. I love reading your random thoughts. Probably because my brain works the same way.

  8. you are a typical teasing sister, I have a good mind to lob a Huge Snowball your way my dear Dana!!!

    Big Hugs


  9. Let me just say I am impressed by your weight loss, good for you. It is inspiring seeing people having success. I am at the begining of my journey to lose weight. By the way it's awesome that you are a John Sandford fan. My wife is sick of me talking about Lucas Davenport.

  10. I bet you did do something with your awkwardness of carrying a scooter and pulling a wagon (and isn't it amazing how simple things can mess up our bodies). I bought my nephew his own golf pull cart because I was tired of either carrying his clubs or jerry-rigging them on my pull cart when he would get tired. Kids! :)


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