Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wed Weigh In

I weighed in this morning for the "official" weigh in and no surprise, I am UP 2.4 lbs. I am taking it in stride. The weight is actually down a pound and half since yesterday. The scales are now safely in the trunk of my car ( thanks Shelley ). No more jumping on and off those suckers this week. My head is in a much better place this morning. I did 45 mins on the treadclimber yesterday and really pushed myself. I walked this morning and yesterday's food wasn't AS BAD. So I am moving in the right direction. I can almost feel the fog lifting.

My sister said something to me yesterday that I have been thinking about since. She said sometimes you need to eat yourself into oblivion so you can remember how miserable you CAN be. I ate that way ( so full you want to hurl )on a regular basis. I can't believe I really ate like that. No wonder I was a miserable person. No wonder I never wanted to go anywhere. No wonder I never really groomed myself. I wore PJs and bed head to work ALOT! Cause I work in a home, the dress code is pretty lax. No matter how bad I have eaten the past week, it's nothing like I used to eat. Actually in the past 10 months I have rarely eaten like that. If there ARE no bad times, how would you KNOW when you were having good times, right?

So today is new day. I have on TJ's skinny jeans today. Today they are just alittle tight. I must have been just really bloated. I have eating lots of clementines...yummy goodness! Plus I FINALLY did a decent food shop. Made a big pot of WW chili and I am feeling very positive. I can't thank everyone enough for all your supportive and kind comments yesterday. I KNOW that much of success is due in part to this blog. Being able to put my feelings and behaviors out there is what I thought was going to be the key. But your support and encouragement is the real key! You guys have got my heart. Thanks. And look, no weeping this!

Today's tender mercy is the sunrise ( PIC ABOVE ) I walked out the door to this morning. Gorgeous! Another is my job. Lots of state employees are loosing their jobs. Everyone in my little family has a job right now. That is a tender mercy!

Keep the mood and the food real..........keeping moving in the right direction.


  1. To see you battle and overcome your obstacles helps me so much with my own. Your right that sometimes you just have to hold on and weather the storm. I love the quote, 'This too shall pass'. It has helped me so much in my life. Unfortunately that quote is also appropriate for the good times too. Even they will pass so don't take them for granted.

    Thank you so much for your support with my job situation. And i 'am grateful i HAVE a job. My husband has a good civil service job. I'm just having trouble handling being treated so poorly after being in one place for 14 years. Theres only 5 of us left from the original employess. Doesn't that mean something besides we were the stupid ones that stayed?? LOL! Well there i go again. UUuuhg!

    You hang in there Dana. This feeling will pass and you'll be glad you did. Our success on this journey i think relies on our ability to ride out the storms..... Dana! Duck! Whoaaaaa!.... that lightning strike missed you by just thaaaat much! LOL! Jinx!

  2. As long as there are more losses than gains, you'll get to where you want to be - and you've traveled a long way so far.

    Beautiful picture - it really helps to appreciate the little things in life when worries arise. Hope it all works out for your family.

  3. Your head is in the right place and soon the scale will be too.

  4. I have to agree that when i overeat now it definitely reminds me why i eat healthy. Honestly i feel like crap in the morning after doing that.
    Good for you on booting that scale to the car :)

  5. That Shelley is one smart cookie and so are you. And that sis of yours may be on to something as well. I'm glad you are feeling better. This path isn't straight - there are lots of zigs and zags. Sometimes the best we can do is to make the zigs a bit smaller.

    As always, your attitude is inspiring.

  6. We will get that scale next week! :) Good job on moving forward! :) So happy that your getting good use out of those jeans! :)

  7. It's rare that when someone starts out a post with the words "I gained..." that I comment with a YAY, but YAY, Dana - you sound like you are in such a better place that I am happy for you!

    What your sister said has a lot of merit...we need to have reminders of why we don't do certain things anymore - sometimes it can be seeing another person going through what we used to, and sometimes we have to experience it firsthand. It's a learning process, that's for sure. Sounds like you are getting it, my friend!

  8. That's very true that every once in a while you have to see/experience the bad to truly appreciate the good. Keep up the good work, Dana!

  9. oooh what your sister said reminds me of what I so frequently think with regards to our human need to PRESS ON A BRUISE (figuratively. an emotional hurt) to be SURE its still aching.

    food for thought for me (pun intended :)).



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