Wednesday, February 3, 2010

another Weigh in Wed

UGG! I am not sleeping again. Up at 2:30am this morning and yesterday morning. I can still function, but not at my best. No sleep = grazing and moody. I was suppose to go to a church thing last night, but I was so stinkin tired. I know I should have just went and forced myself to stay awake, but I just wasn't up to it. Yesterday morning I RAN again. Almost a mile. Only stopped a couple of times. My knee did fine. It felt good. I still can't believe that I am still walking. Yes, I am I want to do more, different stuff. My friend is doing a boot camp thing twice a week. I might try it Thursday. I need to step out of box anad try yoga. Still haven't done that yet.....I KNOW!

I have been anxious about my job lately. I am probably blowing things up in my mind (who me??)but there have been some clash of personalities. Even though I work by myself and work hard, I still kind of freak out about loosing my job. Since it's about money it involves me. It's a family business. Enough said. When I feel like this I find myself trying to please even more. GRRRR. That makes me crazy. I make me crazy is more like it.

All in all I feel good. I have a friend at work that is in ICU basically because her diabetes is out of control. Abesses, renal failure, surgery. Scarey! My son is closer to her family then I am, it's hit him kind of hard. He's been at the hospital quite a bit. Actually lots of people from work have been there. Most of us have been there for years, so we are like family.

Weigh in Wed shows me up .2 lbs. Not surprised. Happy to be the same. I have not eaten bad stuff, just lots of stuff. I found myself last night wanting something naughty. ANYTHING.....just nothing sounded good. No that's not right. Nothing sounded worth it. So I ate my chili and went to bed.

Looking forward to the day today. Going to go out to my daughter's after work to help with the kids. She has said she is having a hard time making it out of her PJs. Being a stay at home mom is the HARDEST job on earth. I take just the boys over night and I am wiped out!

Well that's it for today I guess. Goiing to lace up my walking shoes and get out the door.

Keep the mood and the food real.......take care of you!


  1. I don't know what it is but i can't help but smile when you tell me to 'put the bat down' LOL! Its so true and you are so right.! I'm very ,VERY good at beating myself up. Not so good at forgiveness. You have no idea how amazing it is that i'am still with this weightloss journey two years later! That i have not given up. And i think all the credit goes to a different way of thinking. Not seeing it as a diet per se but a lifestyle. Diets are rigid, lifestyles are evolving. I think thats the ticket for me anyway. Dont know much more than i knew about mother in law. She has a blockage in her neck they are going to operate on. All her sons and daughter are coming in. Hope your friend is better soon. Diabetes is a terrible thing if not in control. I have a friend whose grandk is in the hosp for pnemonia and her mother for back pain. AAaaahhh everybody is sick! Take of you girl! I freak out about work easily too. And i'm almost always over reacting. Sometimes i think if the proverbial 'ball' would drop and i get let go or fired it might end up being the best thing for me. Force me to go find a better job! I'm afraid before long i'm gonna need a job thats easier on me. In my 40's lifting all the things i lift really can't be good for me. Time to let some young ones take over. :) Smile today!

  2. Hope you enjoyed the walk! Its a gorgeous day here and a perfect one to take a stroll outside.

  3. wow! you ran a mile! whoohoo! that is something to celebrate! Congrats on that! :) No worries about WI- we will get that scale next time around! :)

    OH- my Mom watches most shows on Hulu that she misses too- great site! :)

  4. Great going on the running!!!

    I hate that you are feeling insecure about your job...that is an awful, nervous-gut thing. Hope you are wrong about it.

    Hang in there, my sweet, giving friend!

  5. Do yoga! You'll love it. It makes you feel relaxed and strong and flexible and it's great for your body.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend in the ICU.

    Great job on the running. Keep lacing up those sneakers and getting out the door: the rest will come.

  7. Just came across your blog...

    Good job on running a mile!!

    That is very sweet of you to help your daughter out with her children. I've been a stay at home mom for a loooooonnng time....and was never near any family, so I'm sure your daughter really appreciates your help :)

  8. I had couple of nights where I couldn't sleep either. Sucks goats ass!

    woot at you running a mile!

    *smacks your bum on the way out of the door*

    sorry i keep missing you on!


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