Saturday, February 20, 2010

appreciate what you've got.....

This morning I was up early and started looking at fashion blogs and ebay. Ok...I am starting to have a problem. Not the time I spend looking. I am trying to learn how to dress. What I worry about about is that I keep looking at the blogs wishing I had stuff that I don't have. Couple that with the fact that I have been watching HGTV and I now I am wishing for a house that , in reality, I will never have. The past couple of days of days I have been living in "dis-ease". Not "at ease" with my life and not being grateful for what I have. When I do this I start in with the resentments. Then throw alittle self pity (where did my youth go) to the mix and well, I become unhappy. you vex me.

So how did I handle this feeling?? I went downstairs and organized and moved things around and got a new appreciation for what I have. It's amazing what just moving things around will do. I feel so much better. It's like a new space. This is huge as I usually hate change...any change. Want to mess me up, just change my cellphone ringer. Thought I would loose my mind and kill my kid!

Next thing is Thrift shopping. I want some new shirts, but I want them for free...hehe. Say hello to a good buy! A friend gave me 2 real nice skirts that I want a nice white button down shirt to go with. I love that I am stepping out of my comfort zone. Trying new things. Who the hell am I??!!

Ok now back to reality. What the hell is so bad about my life. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! say it again....I couldn't resist. I have a job that I really love. Working for people that I mostly respect and that really do love me and appreciate what I do. Plus, they are going to help me with the car. Since I sometimes use it for work. I think this is their way of telling me how sorry they are about what happened a couple of weeks ago. I am grateful. I have enjoyed riding my bike to work and around. I forgot how much I love to wave at people as I go by.

Keep the mood and the food real......appreciate what you've got.


  1. I went Thrifting today, too! I didn't buy anything, but it was fun just to poke around.

    I'm with you on the wanting to learn how to dress, but mostly I want to learn how to wear what I have with STYLE. I just want to REORGANIZE my closet and think of new ways to wear what I already own.

    One of the reasons I don't have cable is for the very reason you mention - HGTV and their ilk are just Lifestyle Porn for me. Shows like that or magazines like Martha just make me unhappy with what I have and drive that urge to accumulate more crap.

    I'm glad you are getting a hand with the car. Very cool.

  2. I know it sounds weird, but when I get like that over my clothes (and lack of), I go through my closet and get rid of things that I don't wear or that don't fit. Somehow, even when there is even less stuff hanging in the closet, it feels like I have more options, because everything in there fits.

    Of course, shopping helps, too! :)

    I agree with Roxie on the whole HGTV lifestyle porn - my husband keeps wanting to redo our master bathroom every time we watch a show with a fancy bath. Drives me crazy - it's white everything and is perfectly fine. I may let him paint it...maybe that'll get it out of his system.

  3. I think we are dealing with the same suff- I am frustrated that we have yet to hear on our loan- so I rearranged and cleaned up our place to make it look better- it helped! :) and I NEVER know what to but to wear. I would wear jeans and tee shirts 24/7 if I could....well I COULD but its kinda sorta old. lol SO I bought a summer dress- I might not even wear it but I had to get it for only 20 bucks. Ive never worn sleeveless shirts or a dress out for that matter- Maybe someday. :)

  4. I think we can all, no matter our economic bracket, wish for more material things. It's awesome to take hold of the good in your life and appreciate it!

  5. Yes, watching shows like HGTV and looking through fashion magazines, etc. is definitely a way to make you unhappy with your life. I've done that many times. Now if I know I don't have the money or the means to change anything, I try to stay away from that stuff because it does tend to depress me. I'm glad that moving stuff around got you out of your funk!

  6. I used to be hooked on "reality" tv but have given it all up. Especially now season 7 of Biggest Loser has just finished over here. I enjoyed it for the most part, but it is not how we do things in "real life" so why it is cslled "reality" I don't know. I do the "Move Around" thing and it does help, but since moving into the "Shoebox" there is not much room to move around...LOL

  7. We should all take time out to think about what's GREAT in our lives - there's often so much! :o)

  8. Once again, we are twins in blogland.
    When I bought those "reward" pants - women's pants -
    I felt a sense of displacement - I haven't worn anything but sweats and scrubs for YEARS.
    Except to travel - then baggy jeans....
    Now that I am no longer the heaviest person in any given situation, I am no longer invisible. For better or worse.

  9. ((sigh)) I wish I had ANY house about now. Apartment dwelling isn't my thing. Of course I entered the drawing for the HGTV Dream Home... but my dreams aren't that big. Imagine cleaning all that stuff! and keeping the driveway snow free in winter (yes, the east mountains are snowy!) and the drive into town for groceries, shopping and work!

    Now I do watch HGTV and Style... and what I do is try to improve what I have with elements I see on the shows. I learn a little about what I like and don't like, and what does and doesn't work together. Then I push my furniture around or go out thrifting.

  10. I like your attitude. I hate it when I notice that I'm being ungrateful. Way to be when you turned it around. I love it that you rearranged and went thrift shopping. Sounds like something I like.

  11. I also went thrift shopping today and moved around some furniture at my house. You had the perfect attitude in dealing with the situation at hand.

  12. I like this post reminds me what I started to do to my house. I wasn't satisfied with the interior of our house, until I too moved things around, got some stuff out of storage and it made me appreciate my house, plus I didn't spend a dime!

    p.s. I LOVE your profile picture!

  13. Great post....and...OW on the hand! Is it better? Try some arnica gel on it, if you have any. It really helps on bruises.


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