Thursday, February 18, 2010

dream big

Nothing new to report. I am having a ball looking at fashion blogs. Next thing I am going to try is thrift shopping. I have even been looking at shoes on Ebay (not during work hours, of course...that made me giggle). Trying to fine stuff that is fun, funky, yet age appropriate. I still can't believe it. Who have I become?? Someone that really does like clothes and yes shoes. I told myself I didn't care about that stuff for so long. I only didn't care because I weighed 265 lbs and seriously, how cute can you dress at that size. Now if only I had money to spend all this cute stuff. Oh well, a girl can dream!

Rode the bike to work this morning after a brisk 3 miler with my buddy. Last walk with her for awhile she is going in for a D&C this morning. Time to call someone else on my buddy list. If not, well maybe I can get my son to be my 5am bodyguard. Excuse me while I wipe my eyes from laughing so hard..hehe. Food has been better. So has H2O.

The pic is of my poor hand after my Gdaughter accidentally threw a bucket at me. She was trying to flip the bucket and watch the sand spill out. I some how ended up injured. Who said being a GeGe was safe work??

Keep the mood and the food real.............dream big


  1. Dream big... or small, as the case may be!
    Ouch to hand!

  2. OUCH!! That looks really painful!

  3. <3 <3 <3
    hope your hand gets better soon!
    lol GeGe is such a cute word!

    good to hear about the h2o!

  4. Enjoy shopping! I look forward to the day I can wear a "normal" size and do some shopping myself!

    The pic of the hand looks painful!! Ouch indeed!

  5. OuCh that looks sore, I would love to have a girlie day clothes shopping nd chatting with you:o)

  6. I like to go shopping at work too ;)

  7. Hope you hand isn't too sore right now... I love ebay for clothes. Shoes are a little difficult because I have HUGE feet, but I do occasionally find some bargains. :o)

  8. I hope your hand isn't as sore or stiff as it looks like it would be.

    FYI you will be featured in a link tonight at 10:00PM on my blog. Prepare for the onslaught of new fans. Oh, wait. Umm ... Prepare to know I admire what you're doing!

  9. I have had good luck with buying clothes on eBay. Shoes are a little different. I just bought 2 pairs and neither one fit :-( and they are my size. Oh well... I can always resell them or give them to a friend.

  10. Shopping is so much fun when you feel good about yourself. Do you have a Kohl's where you are? They are the absolute best place to buy nice clothes at bargain prices. They have racks of 60, 70, even 80% off prices.

  11. Ouch!! Hope your hand feels better fast!

    Isn't it something, looking at fashion and shoes. You are so right--when one is big, they don't care. My biggest concern was finding shirts that were long enough to cover my belly. (Well, still is, but...) Now I want to look at cute stuff--I have great hope!

    And thank God for thrift stores! Dig deep and you can find some winners!


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