Tuesday, February 16, 2010

enjoy the ride

I had a good day yesterday. Went for a 3 mile walk then rode the bike around town to do some errands and got in about 5 miles on the bike. It felt good. The weather is suppose to be in the 70's all week. I got my car towed and now it's just waiting around for someone to take a look at it. Got up this morning and like a fool got on the scales. Official WI is tomorrow. Up about 3 lbs. Yikes!! I best drank a buttload of H2O today. Get to pounding the water! I wasn't surprised by the gain, but I was my how much. I still have today to try to turn it around before the OFFCIAL WI. hehe

Got in another 2.5 miles walk this morning then rode the bike about 3 miles to work. I forgot how much fun it is to wave at people. I love the look on their faces. So that was fun. I had Jett pounding in my ear "Are you going to be my girl"! Yep, great ride in.

Now, I need to get the store and get some green stuff. And for heaven's sake, Dana...DO NOT EAT IF YOU ARE NOT HUNGRY. Sounds simple enough. If only it were that simple.

Keep the mood and the food real.....enjoy the ride


  1. sounds like a very active couple of days, great job!

  2. Great philosophy you've got there!

  3. I have to remind myself that DO NOT EAT IF YOU ARE NOT HUNGRY saying a lot. lol Boredom=mindless eating. I plan on fighting that off with some jewelry making and some organizing around our LITTLE box of a home. lol Your doing really well with the activity! whoo hoo! I started my water therapy back up- and today I am SUPER sore! I think I am going to try for M, W, & F schedule for it. I hope it helps my weight loss too! :) I need it!

  4. Good luck with the water flush!! :)

  5. Way to go on all that great exercise. I'm envious of your great weather, want some snow? lol I hope the car isn't to expensive to be fixed. I am forever eating when I'm not hungry it seems. Not sure what my need is to always be grazing, it's an issue for me for sure. I need to take that advice to on enjoying the ride thanks *hugs*.

  6. Love that you are able to ride your bike around to do errands - you sound like a cool eco-chick!

    Don't eat when you're not hungry - gah, I am having a hard time with that today! I will go pound the water in solidarity with you.

  7. Leek soup. Leeks are a mild diuretic. And they're good for you.

    Is that sacrilegious?

  8. keep chugging the h20!

    what a great song to ride to! love it! <3 you sound very exercisey. i have only been wii fitting it.

    g'luck with official weigh in.

  9. Yay, for you getting some rides in! Isn't it a hoot?! I love it so much but it's been so nasty and cold lately that riding hasn't been on my radar.

    Good luck with the WI, but don't stress over it. Just keep walking and riding!

  10. I used to say that frequently to my clients. its so simple: EAT WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY. DONE!
    yet not so to do.

    ahhh the duality of healthy living huh?


  11. If i only i could only eat when i am hungry and then stop!! It's been very hard this week.


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