Tuesday, February 23, 2010

get the message

I want to make this quick this morning. I have work to do today! I feel 10 times better this morning. Slept like a rock and dreamed I was married to George Clooney. It was a loveless marriage, but still. I got up and was out he door by 5 am for a brisk 2.5 mile walk with 3 lb weight in both hands. How the hell did I carry around that extra 80 lbs. Those things felt heavy. Rode the bike to work. It was cooler then I thought this morning. It felt good. Listened to a spiritual message that I was meant to hear while biking. I love it when something just touches your heart and makes you cry a good cry.

Feeling positive. My circumstance haven't changed from yesterday, but my attitude about them has. Thanks for all the great comments yesterday. I really am not alone!

Keep the mood and the food real....get the message


  1. Yummy George! You know, he probably doesn't pick up his socks.

    Our attitude shapes our reality. I'm glad you are feeling better today.

  2. George doesn't do it for me (I prefer Gerard Butler, but think I may be the wrong gender for him?!) but glad you had an enjoyable night. :o)

  3. Ha - had to laugh at the George Clooney marriage! :D

    Hooray for getting out of bed and riding your bike to work - where I used to live I could ride my bike to the train station - it was 3 miles each way and what a difference it made!

    While you can't change the circumstance, I agree it's how you deal with it that makes all the difference! :D

  4. 3 lb weights somehow transfer to the equivalent of hauling a 30 pound child. Seriously.

    I wouldn't want to marry George. Especially loveless. I don't trust him. A few too many oceans and brother where art thou's.

    I hope that your work to do gets done! See you soon.

  5. Hey i'd pick up George's socks any day :)
    Way to go on the walk, actually i read this post and it motivated me to get out in that snow and hike through the woods! Thanks

  6. Mmmm, George Clooney. That is one man who keeps getting better looking as he ages...and I love that he hasn't gotten his eyes done or botox. Nice dream!!!

  7. I am with Shelley! Hubba hubba! Amazing what a good night sleep will do for your attitude huh?

  8. I hope I dream about the Clooney!

    I am getting the message. Loving the positive attitude babes! Keep it up. This post made me smile.

  9. You can have George if I can have Brad Pitt...but he has to look as good as he did in Fight Club...okay, drooling here. lol

    Glad to hear you sounding positive!
    Sounds like it was meant to be that you heard the message while biking, so glad that worked out.

    Hold on to the positive!

  10. Good for you for turning the mood around, getting out for a walk, and having a GOOD dream! whoohoo hubba hubba George isn't too shabby! I usually dream of my own BF, weird huh? lol

  11. My circumstance haven't changed from yesterday, but my attitude about them has...
    Your quote....my thoughts EXACTLY!
    Glad you are well!


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