Friday, February 12, 2010

Yippee! A 3 day weekend

Went kind of crazy with the food yesterday. I ate an entire Chipotle chicken burrito for lunch. I told myself "go ahead, your going to boot camp". Except I feel asleep. GRRR. Anyway, back on track this morning. Had a really good homemade Egg McMuffin this morning...yummy. I am sleeping alot better. Later in the morning, which is awesome. I will enjoy it while it's happening. This too shall pass, I am sure.

Kicked out a really good 3 mile walk this morning. I love going with this friend because she walks really fast! It's a better bang for my 3 miles. Trying to drink more water, not doing really well with that. Doing better though.

Plan on going out to babysit the Gkids tonight. My SIL is taking my Darling Daughter out for Vday. I plan on taking the kids to the park then coming home and making dinner and Valentine cookies. Just the Pillsbury kind, but it counts...right?? I want to go on another hike tomorrow, but I will probably just end up going for an extra long walk around my neighborhood. That's ok. The weather is suppose to be sunny and around 70 this weekend. I will brag now, cause in about 3 months I will be complaining of the HEAT! Maybe a long bike ride after church on Sunday.

I have Monday off, so yippee, a 3 day weekend. The pic is of my Gson. That's kind of how I feel today. Like jumping for JOY!

Need to do some cleaning at my place, some organizing. Probably go through my closet. Get rid of a bunch of stuff. Maybe try to see a movie....The Blindside. I have still not seen it. Nice to know I have lots of options of fun things to do.

Keep the mood and the food real......enjoy being right where you are at!


  1. Hope you have fun this weekend, and the gkids are fun for you too. Of course the Pillsbury kind count. Kitchen time always counts.

    Good luck on the water, and staying awake. I've been walking 4 miles on the treadmill, and man! It really takes it out of you!

  2. Oh man, I struggle with the water, too. I KNOW you are doing better than I am with it.

    Have a fun weekend! And yea, I think the cookies count!

  3. oh man I am fighting off my Chipotle cravings big time then you mentioned it....mmmmm lol Have a great weekend my friend!!!

  4. You sound like a little kid, Dana - all giddy with excitement! Love it - now I want to get up and run around!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful time with the grandkids tonight - it's the togetherness of baking the cookies that counts, not whether the dough is homemade or not. Enjoy!!!

  5. make me a home made egg mcmuffin!

    do i spy a new blog profile pic? or am i really slow and its been there ages?

    Need to do better with my water too.

    Lets jump for joy together!

  6. What a cool pic!
    Water? We don't need no stinkin' water!
    Oh, alright, maybe we do....

  7. Well... as an Ole Miss grad... I can tell you that you will love The Blind Side. More importantly... I can also say that I have been struggling as well, with my eating. I have been visiting Atlanta this weekend... visiting family. I don't know what the deal is, but it feels like a vacation when I get away from home... no matter where I am or what I am doing. I think I just kinda go nuts.

    Well... this too shall pass, right?

    Thanks! Rob

    Hey.... love your blog. Check out mine at:

  8. have a FABULOUS day off.
    if youre bored come on over as Im working, errr, mama'ing all day.

    apparently my daughter didnt git the day off memo :)



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